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Mar 13, 2007
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".............There is no possible way in which the US and Britain would permit a sovereign democratic Iraq, just think what policies that would follow, just imagine that there were a sovereign democratic Iraq, what would it do?
Well for one thing it would have a Shiite majority, so the first thing they’d probably do is shore up relations with Iran, they don’t like Iran particulary, but they have things in common and they have no particular reason to want hostility, and another major war or anything like that, so they’ll move to, probably, move toward relations with Iran, a Shiite Iran, it also turns out that there is a very substantial Shiite population in Saudi Arabia in the regions where the oil fields are, Shiite independence, dominated independence in Iraq right next door, is very likely to elicit reactions in the Shiiite regions of Saudi Arabia, which could very well mean that the worlds major energy resources, the core of the world energy resources, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, the two biggest ones, Iran one of the other ones, will be in the hands of an independent Shiite Government.
the US is gonna allow that?
Its so unimagainable we can't even talk about it. The next thing that an independent Iraq would do is to try to recover it’s natural place as a leading element, maybe the leading element in the Arab world, you go back to biblical times, and there were conflicts between Syria and Mesopotamia on the one hand, and then egypt on the other, the bible is about these little countries in between, canonite and these palestinian which are always, you know being invaded by one or the other, and the question is how do they balance between them?
Those were the two big power centers they still are, well Iraq, its now called Iraq will and if independent is going to try to restore that position.
What is that gonna mean? Well for one thing they’ll re-arm, and for another they’ll probably develop weapons of mass destruction, just first of all as a deterrent, and secondly to counter the main regional enemy which is the US military base by now virtaully in Isreal.

Is the US gonna sit by and allow that?
We can perceive, but the chances that the US and its British attack dog, er whatever the right word is, will sit by quietly and allow any of these things to happen, that possibility is so remote that you can't even discuss it.

Well you know you cant be certain that thats what an independent democratic Iraq would do, but its not unlikely, in fact its highly likely.

That alone is enough to tell you that US and British planners can't possibly be conceiving of a democratic Iraq its inconceivable you ever see any discussion of this? Is it quantum physics? Do you need a deep insight to figure it out?
Its right on the surface, its on the surface, to see it doesn’t take education, intelligence, insight, and so on.
Education and intelligence and so on are required to prevent you from seeing it. Because its right on the surface, instantly there as soon as you think about the situation, obviously in the minds of every planner.

Can you think of a word ever written about it? Not just in the media but in intellictual journals and so on and so forth, no. its unthinkable.............."
Noam Chomsky

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