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Jun 12, 2018
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The Full Moon Mr. Fear eBook: Cummings, J.L.: Kindle Store


Picked up this novel on Kindle and read it cover to virtual cover in one sitting. As a writer myself I'd heard some buzz about the book a few months back, about how it was an alleged mashup between Blade Runner, Aliens, and Lovecraftian horror, all wrapped up inside a gritty futuristic noir detective mystery. Well, after finishing up the book I can report that 'the buzz' I'd heard was true—and then some. While super dark, and yes—very gritty, the story plays out inside the last human city on Earth through the eyes of a human/cyborg detective who wakes up everyday wanting to off himself and who is prevented from doing so by a scantily clad, smack talking holographic AI dame implanted in his brain—man is she a trip, often trying to have sex with the main character even when he's in battle and constantly messing with his memories as a means of controlling him.

While hard to follow at times, the plot is fast-paced and brutal. I had to reread a few parts of the book, as the WTF factor is so high, but in a really cool way. At any rate, I would absolutely recommend this novel to anyone who enjoyed Blade Runner (the movie) or the book the movie is based on, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep by Philip K. Dick, or author William Gibson's cyberpunk novel series. Mr. Fear is a great few hours of great escape from all the madness of COVID and everything else going on in our modern world.


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