CNN and NY Times truly represent fake news


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May 15, 2017
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i'm digging her more and more.


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Jan 19, 2010
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And now the are saying that Tulsi is a Russian plant....:21::21::21::21::21:



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Jun 19, 2009
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There are 2 ways to combat fake news.
1) complaints to the FCC for violations of rules of use on broadcast licenses, as in challenge their license.
2)use their own methods on them personally till they see how violated they feel and acknowledge that it's wrong. Mirror reflection lesson.
Example, as long as you state that it's by their own reporting techniques you are protected against defamation.
Here's an example commentary I created(I recommend everyone do similar pieces) using NY times, Washington Post, CNN, and MSNBC and other MSM methods of reporting:

NY and Philly mob did not die out, they reinvented themselves and embedded themselves into corporations to lay low, gain respectability, and benefit from the power they yield from within top corporations and industries, not just unions, but the media and entertainment corps relying on those unions.
Famous entertainer Mario Lanza was compromised by Italian mobsters like
Luigi Campolongo. The Lanza family and Cocozza family are related. Keith Cocozza began his professional career in politics and government and now is an exec at Time Warner.
The failed Time Warner(CNN) merger with
Philly mobsters in Comcast(MSNBC) hasn't seen a partnership attempt like this since the days of N.Y. mobster
Paul Castellano wanting to restructure and tame the unorganized Philly mob.
If you ever wondered how CNN, MSNBC, NBC and ABC always seemed in sync with the narrative and word of the day then all you have to do is study the Execs and connect the dots. Steve Burke came in NBC universal around 2010 to replace Zucker was brought into Comcast in 2017 while still serving his seat in NBC.
His father, Daniel B. Burke, was a former president of Capital Cities Communications, which eventually acquired the ABC Network.-bingo!
it's a family affair- their affiliation and narrative is basically whatever their opinions are culminated around the Burke thanksgiving table.
Their Liberal progressive mobster mindset along with their NY, Philly, and L.A. influence & ties are not helping that mindset either.
Their ideas, & learned behavior on a "family" run communications business is not a healthy one.
If you ever wondered why they MSM always seemed to push legalization of drugs and open borders while taking the side of mobsters, cartels and gangs, well now you know.

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