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Clifton-Krueger: Democracy-Dystopian Drama


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Sep 22, 2013
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Here's a mock-dialogue between Tony Clifton (a fictional alter-ego comedian character created by phobia-engaging comedian Andy Kaufman) and Freddy Krueger (fictional knuckled-bladed demon from the pedestrian-paranoia Nightmare on Elm Street horror-film franchise) about mischief consciousness in the modern world.


CLIFTON: Playgrounds are arenas where 'mischief' is not necessarily outlawed...
KRUEGER: School playgrounds or neighborhood playgrounds?
CLIFTON: Well, I'd be interested in just arenas where play is encouraged!
KRUEGER: What about family-oriented shopping-malls (e.g., Franklin Mills, Pennsylvania)?
CLIFTON: Terrorists always think about the 'banality' of traffic...
KRUEGER: Do you find something 'magic' about traffic-congestion?
CLIFTON: Metaphysical contemplation sitting in the dust-bowl of metropolis.
KRUEGER: You find 'splendor in the grass,' eh, 'Mr. Clifton'?
CLIFTON: Splendor is always somewhere...even at Kentucky Fried Chicken!
KRUEGER: I prefer McDonald's, though Wendy's has a great chilli I hear...
CLIFTON: That's absolutely true, and I think you and I should debate about consumerism gluttony.
KRUEGER: Cholesterol-teens need a good fright...
CLIFTON: There's nothing as silly as greasy fried-chicken fingertips on Prom Night!
KRUEGER: Only Ronald McDonald would equate cholesterol-culture with mischief...
CLIFTON: Batman's oddest nemesis is the anti-social 'Condiment King' (a Godzilla wielding ketchup-guns).
KRUEGER: It's almost deranged how comic book art represents 'civics sculptures.'



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