Chinese-born engineer arrested for theft involving missile sensor technology


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Mar 19, 2015
Hiring any Chinese in any sensitive areas is playing with fire.

They know how gullible Americans are to charges of "racism" and "bias" and so use that against us.

FBI agents in California arrested a suspected technology spy for China this week, charging him with stealing some 3,600 files from a defense contractor that includes sensitive information on advanced sensors used to detect missile launches.

Gong Chenguang, 57, of San Jose, was charged by federal prosecutors in Los Angeles with being part of China’s “talents” program, a systematic Beijing effort to obtain U.S. technology by recruiting American-based scientists and technical experts with access to advanced know-how.

An FBI affidavit used to seek an arrest warrant identifies Mr. Gong as a naturalized citizen employed by a Malibu defense contractor in January 2023.

The technology involved is worth “hundreds of millions of dollars” and, if provided to a foreign government, would “compromise U.S. national security,” the affidavit states. A spokeswoman identified the company as HRL Laboratories.

According to the affidavit, the company “develops sophisticated infrared sensor technology intended for use in various space-based and military missions, including in systems designed to detect nuclear missile launches and track ballistic and hypersonic missiles.”

Prosecutors said Mr. Gong transferred documents containing trade secrets in March and April. He also traveled to China several times as part of the talent programs.

Some of the files contained information on developing an integrated circuit that “combines high dynamic range and time-of-flight capabilities, enabling the tracking of incoming threats in low-visibility environments,” the complaint states.

Another integrated circuit combined high sensitivity, a wide field of view and command-and-control functions used in detecting missile launches and tracking hypersonic missiles, as well as hardening against radiation in space.

The Pentagon is working on hypersonic missiles, both offensive missiles and defenses against hypersonic missile attacks, which require advanced sensor technology. If China obtained the technology, it could help hypersonic missiles defeat U.S. sensors and defenses.

A third circuit is being developed to “detect low-observable targets” while survivable in space.

“These files describe the methods, designs, techniques, processes, specifications, testing and manufacture of these technologies and would be extremely damaging economically if obtained by [HRL’s] competitors and would be dangerous to U.S. national security if obtained by international actors,” the complaint says.

The company detected computer activity by Mr. Gong in April that led to the discovery of the transferred documents and resulted in his termination. The FBI complaint did not say whether the documents were provided to China.

FBI investigators determined that Mr. Gong made several applications to join China’s talent recruitment program.


I wouldnt be surpised if they could shut the whole grid down. So glad the FBI and CIA are on the job......
I wouldnt be surpised if they could shut the whole grid down. So glad the FBI and CIA are on the job......

they aren’t “on the job”. Far too late and after months or even years of bureaucratic “time” goes by careful not to trample on any poor poor minority rights. The big damage was done, over decades. Going on all over the valley daily.

But FBI gestapo will kick in 3AM white Trump supporters willy-nilly for trespassing ASAP. 13 agents to a phony noose on a black millionaire grage? WTH?
Whether its an EMP or something else, China knows a great deal about the U.S. That balloon that floated around for days, was even reported globally and NOT shot down, probably sent back a hell of a lot of details,

The question is, "why would they need such details beyond what their satellites could see"?

It is amazing how some in the U.S look at National Security as something that will just take care of itself.

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