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Chainsaw: Trump's Eco-Brow


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Sep 22, 2013
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Donald Trump is the new American President.

We all understand he's a more shrewd version of Ross Perot and that he has what it takes (in terms of 'gusto') to lead the U.S. military as Commander-in-Chief.

America was simply not ready for a female president (sorry, Hillary!).

Now Donald Trump has to deal with questions such as the following:

1. Do Americans need to be beaten over the head with global warming evidence?
2. Is ISIS worse than the Soviet Union?
3. How will America forge trade-treaties with China in this new geo-economy?
4. How will Barack Obama be remembered?
5. Will America develop nuclear and chemical weapons?
6. Is eco-pollution a concern for the industrialization-minded Trump administration?


TRUMP: And you can tell them...!
LEATHERFACE: Chainsaw!!!
TRUMP: Put that thing away, you beast!
LEATHERFACE: Treehouse!!!
TRUMP: Oh yeah, you're the perfect diplomat for deforestation!
LEATHERFACE: Aaarghhh!!!
TRUMP: And they said I needed to take Latin!
LEATHERFACE: Eco-mouse!!!



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