Celina González Dies at Age of 85 in Havana; 'Greatest Cuban Voice That U.S. Audiences Never Got To


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Sep 30, 2011
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González was best known for performances in the style of guajira, a Cuban form of what we might call "country" music, dealing primarily with rural life while leaning on Spanish influences. She and her husband Reutilio Domínguez also incorporated the more rhythmic Afro-Cuban traditions into their music as well, best represented in her most famous song "Santa Barbara." The recording was a hit and was later recorded by Celia Cruz, the more well known of the "Celi"s in the United States.

Although Cruz ended up staying in the United States following the revolution of Fidel Castro, becoming the "Queen of Salsa," González spent her entire life in Cuba, hence her relative obscurity compared to other talented Cuban musicians.
Celina Gonz lez Dies at Age of 85 in Havana Greatest Cuban Voice That U.S. Audiences Never Got To Hear Buzz Music Times


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