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Bond... James Bond

Cat... Tabby Cat


On the set of the film "Dr. No" in Jamaica.
I was brought up as a dog person. But I had a few feral cats in my barn. They are so funny. I feel cheated-
This is cute.... its ok- because nothing serious did happen. Look at the dog- looking at the cat
This article is about ten years old, and some of the research it uses is still disputed. Of the two male cats we have, only the younger one still hunts, mostly rodents. The wild birds that hang out here for the feed we spread are wise to him and he rarely can catch one, though he tries.

What Research Says About Cats: They’re Selfish, Unfeeling, and Environmentally Harmful​

The scientific case against owning a cat.



Our gray tabby looks a lot like this. Sans flight suit of course - ;)

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