California Proposition 1

Take a look what California is proposing:

Under the utilities' joint proposal, income-based fixed charges for households with annual incomes between $28,000 and $69,000 would be $20 to $34 per month. Those earning between $69,000 and $180,000 would pay $51 to $73 per month, and those earning more than $180,000 would pay $85 to $128.
If you want to get rid of homelessness or severely limit it then that requires more work than they would want to do.

The best answer is to foster a society where the likelihood of someone growing up in it will become homeless. That means a society that is tough, smart, moral, has standards, has ambition, has values and strong willed. A society that has some sense of family dynamics and some ideas of Christianity. It means creating a society where you work for a decent life and it pays off in the end. It also means removing criminals, dopeheads and crazy people. We have none of those things anymore.

That is a society where kids grow up with a family that teaches them to be decent and moral people that want to work and able to be responsible.

Just throwing money at homeless people doesn't do anything to stop homeless people. If you really want there to not be any then you need to raise people to be responsible and smart and strong so that they won't become homeless.
The old quandary applies in spades to homelessness: The more you subsidize something, the more of it you will have. Putting it another way, if you make homelessness less wretched, more people will sink to homelessness.

In California, dealing with homelessness has become an industry of its own, where bureaucrats, NGO's, and foundations reap millions in keeping it alive.

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