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Burnt out Canadian nurses are shipping out for better working conditions and pay


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Aug 6, 2012
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Appears America will once again benefit from our talent as more Canadians realize that Canada is in steep decline, never to return to its former self as the Police State expands and siphons all of our resources and civil liberties.

America receives our nurses as you have our doctors, scientists, A.I practitioners, data experts, entrepreneurs, etc. etc.

Remember, our police apparatus is NOT your ally, so save as many citizens as you can please.

When it comes to her work life, Maha Hassan is in a better place. She quit her job as an emergency room nurse at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto earlier this year to work as a travel nurse at a hospital in Texas. Now, she is getting paid three times her salary in Canada and working only three shifts a week – 36 hours – as opposed to the punishing 70-80 hours she was working in Toronto.

“I can choose to work only day shifts. This has worked out much better for my quality of life, my sleeping schedule,” says Ms. Hassan. “In Ontario, you must work two days shifts, two nights and then you get five days off. I would spend most of my time just recovering from these shifts because we wouldn’t get breaks and had very sick people come in during the night.”

She says it wasn’t an easy decision to move away from her family.

“I really miss my family. There’s a lot of key moments that I’m missing out on and that’s a sacrifice. No one should be put in such a position,” she says. Fortunately, her husband, who works in finance, can work remotely and has made the move to Texas with her.

Ms. Hassan, like many of her peers, was thrust into the thick of the pandemic as an ER nurse at St. Michael’s.


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Oct 31, 2012
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Bernie and the gang want to socialize medicine like Canada did.

That way nurses will have no where to run.

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