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Nursing shortage to blame for Perth, Ontario ER closure, says physician


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Aug 6, 2012
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This is the result of a Police State that bleeds top talent and socialized medical care that is based on nepotism.

"You were in a car accident or shot in the chest and need a nurse and a doctor? Sorry, but here is a plain clothed cop to take care of you".

Heed my warning America, do NOT become like Canada, the decline is going to be rapid, sharp and definite.

An emergency room physician in Perth, Ont., says he's "deeply concerned" after his community's hospital shut down the local ER Saturday morning.

In a release, the Perth and Smiths Falls District hospital said a COVID-19 outbreak at its Perth site had placed "yet another burden on our fragile staffing situation."

The emergency department is slated to be closed for five days and won't reopen until Thursday at the earliest.

Remaining staff are being redirected to the ER at the hospital's campus in Smiths Falls, Ont., about 20 kilometres away. It continues to be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, the hospital said.

Dr. Alan Drummond, who works at the Perth hospital, said the outbreak did not necessarily cause the closure but simply exacerbated an existing staffing shortage.

The shortage of nurses began before the pandemic, Drummond told CBC Saturday, and has intensified over the last year.

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