Brazil Police Seize Bolsonaro Passport As Net Tightens In Coup Plot


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Nov 8, 2022
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BRASILIA, Feb 8 (Reuters) - Brazil's federal police on Thursday sought to confiscate former President Jair Bolsonaro's passport and arrest some of his closest aides, sources said, as part of an investigation into an alleged coup attempt after he lost the 2022 election.

The operation reflects a tightening net around Bolsonaro, his family and some of his most powerful allies for actions before and after his unsuccessful reelection effort. The confiscation of his passport represents an escalation in the probe against the former president, a far-right firebrand who cast himself as a Brazilian version of former U.S. President Donald Trump.

A federal police source directly involved in the operation said seized passports can indicate the possibility of future arrests, forcing suspects to stay in Brazil to face any charges.

Police visited Bolsonaro's beach house on Thursday and told him to hand over his passport, said three sources, who requested anonymity to discuss an active operation. The former president will comply with the order, Bolsonaro family spokesman Fabio Wajngarten said on social media.
Former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro is under investigation as part of a probe into an alleged attempted coup to keep him in power, according to one of his former aides.

Four people were arrested and 33 search warrants executed Thursday as part of the probe, Brazilian Federal Police said in a statement.

“On Thursday (8/2), the [Brazil] Federal Police launched Operation Tempus Veritatis to investigate the criminal organization that acted in an attempt to stage a coup d’état and abolish the Democratic Rule of Law, in order to gain political advantage by keeping the then President of the Republic in power,” the statement read.

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