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Boris Johnson comments G7 6-13-21


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Dec 28, 2010
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Western Va.
More Donald? Does that doddering old guy in the W.H. have a sense of humor?
Comparative to Trumpy Bear - The Angriest Man Alive? YES!!
It seems that the angry sissie gay sensitive crazy left has convinced itself that a republican would always be the "angriest man alive" and they would prefer their president to be a brain impaired senior citizen who can't even read a teleprompter.

Harry Dresden

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Dec 15, 2008
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I just watched. Remember when Donald and others called him “Britain’s Mini-Trump” and similar?

You be the judge. Sure Brexit was dumb and he did demonstrate some of the nationalist policies of Das Dotard early on, but get real please …

The man is intelligent, empathetic, articulate, and sees things like the COVIDS, women’s issues, Russia hacking and climate in a smarter, more global manner.

He also has a sense of humor. Something Donald only dreamed of by smartly handling hardball questions from UK reporters without berating them or calling ‘em “fake news”.

He’s a Trump Mini-Me? Hardly!!
Start 4:30 in :)

in other words he is ok now because you agree with him right?...
No, he is ok now because he is SMART
i bet you did think that of him when he was first elected.....
C’mon Harry - I get the politics .. You?
if its the politics then i was right....as long as you agree with the guy he is ok..... dont worry both sides do it all the time....i was like that with bill clinton for a while...

Harry - get real. MAGA died. :)
yea no shit....so what does that have to do with what we are talking about?....
Your point seems vague / clarify please
i think i already made the point,you just cant accept it because you would have to say i am right...

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