Black DC judge releases black teen charged with shooting AR-15 26 times into car


It's like they have no memories.
“WUSA9 has obtained new information about the release of a man accused of firing 26 shots from an AR-15 rifle into a DC Street. Court documents reveal the judge went against his own instincts to keep the 18-year-old defendant in jail before trial, after repeated pleas from his public defender to send him home.”

So, “systemic racism” is a black man can take a scary military-style assault-rifle into the streets and empty the magazine without being deemed a threat to public safety? Ok, I understand now.
Lots of White people are release OR or NB with no ankle bracelet each and every day. They're release doesn't keep them from committing crimes.
Give us an example of a white person who shot an assault rifle 26 times into a car with 4 people in it and was released without bail.

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