Zone1 Black culture holds back black people.

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Where’s a cop when you need one. That jackass needs to be put on a seventy two hour mental evaluation hold, and if found competent, charged with a bunch of crimes and traffic violations. He certainly doesn’t belong on the streets.
Absolutely. He shouldn’t be free to harass and abuse people, and there are three possibilities:

1. He is mentally ill, for which he should be put into treatment.
2. He is a drug abuser, currently high, and for which he should be arrested.
3. He is an obnoxious black who is buying into the anti-white racism and feels entitled to harass crackers on the street.

My bet is #1.

13 years old and arrested for attempted murder. Quite the “genius” indeed…..

“ST. PETERSBURG — Police arrested a 13-year-old boy on an attempted murder charge Friday, less than 48 hours after authorities said he shot another teenager who taunted him.

Le'Genius Wisdom Williams, of St. Petersburg, turned himself in to the St. Petersburg Police Department about 1:30 p.m. He was immediately booked into the Juvenile Detention Center near Largo.”
They already have your vote. The Democrats will never by your cow while you give them it’s milk for free.

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