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Biden's Anti-Semitic Attack On Israel Must Be Punished


The Pale Orc
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Aug 4, 2018
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Boston, MA
We don’t foot the bill you old fool. It is a military contract. If you pay me to sell you bullets is it aid or a trade agreement?
You stupid fuck- taxes pay for the armaments we sell- the Military gets its money from whom? God? Which fuckin one? Israels? Muslims? Christians? Buddhist? Good lord! Stop being so fucking ignorant and shallow minded added to your narrow minded focus- narrow is where narrative comes from- narrative! Israel is chosen! For what? SMH-
Israel sends us money. Israel is a wealthy country, you old fool. We don’t send them weapons for free. You love Islamists eh? You and Tlaib hanging out later, old fool?


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Nov 19, 2013
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Its not but Israel is our eyes and ears in the cesspool that is the Middle East. Do you really want another mostly Islamic country that is hell bent on sending terrorists to the US? Let go of your Jew hate for one second and concentrate you old fool. Every mostly Muslim country is a terror Sharia Law shit hole. We don’t need another one. Duh.
SMH- here, don't hurt yourself getting informed- 6700 words is a lotta informin- it's not a sound bite-

One-State Terror and Two-State Bunkum

a snippet-

Israel – foundling of a failing empire (British) on the backyard of another (Ottoman), within the nightmare shadow of a third (Nazi), adopted by a fourth (US), whose exploitative bid to establish a proxy imperial force in the Middle East and scatter competing candidates for imperial failure (including Soviet, Arab, and Iranian), has helped beget and stiffen this settler-dominated, nuclear, dependent, theocratic, apartheid, political entity (i.e. a state and the territories it has forcibly annexed) of approximately seven million Israelis (mainly Jews) and seven million Palestinians (mainly Muslim) – equivalent to only a third of the population of California – whose perennial conflict is a disproportionately fractious threat to a planet of eight billion.

Knee-jerk deference to Israeli interests is exhibited by all US administrations – none less than in the case of the current Biden-Blinken team, who have even resurrected a frothy insistence on US support for the “two-state” solution as the only possible solution. Of course, there will be some insignificant distracting theatrics in response to progressive Democratic protest. It is more important to note that resort to “two-state” nonsense is depressing at various levels, most particularly because of what it reveals about the odious combination of ignorance, misunderstanding and hypocrisy, and the resounding absence of anything resembling imagination in the US State Department. If the two-state solution were going to work, it would have worked by now. It has had at the very least, twenty-five years of gestation. It was and is a still-birth. It has not worked, because it could never have worked.
UNZ…nuff said.


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Oct 25, 2019
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