Biden Tries To Be The Hero Of His Own Crisis


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Feb 16, 2016

Biden Tries To Be The Hero Of His Own Crisis

20 Oct 2023 ~~ By Shane Harris

After years of appeasing Iran and empowering the regime to fund its terrorist proxies, including Hamas, Joe Biden traveled to Israel and delivered an Oval Office address this week in a shameless attempt to paint himself as the hero of a crisis he created.
Following a series of brutal attacks on Israeli civilians that began on October 7, Biden has sought to publicly portray himself as a staunch ally of Israel. Shortly after the attacks, Biden stated in an X post that his “support for Israel’s security is rock solid and unwavering.” In Tel Aviv on Wednesday, and again on Thursday evening from the White House, the president offered his support for Israel and said he “wanted the people of Israel – the people of the world – to know where the United States stands.”
But much like Biden’s public pronouncements in the wake of the Afghanistan disaster that permanently damaged his credibility, Biden’s statements fly in the face of his own actions and record.
Soon after taking office, Biden rescinded most of the Trump-era sanctions on Iranian oil, resulting in tens of billions of additional dollars every year for the regime to fund its terrorist proxies. Around the same time, Biden restarted U.S. aid money to the Palestinians, shipping $235 million taxpayer dollars to Hamas-controlled territory despite warnings from his own State Department that this money would be used to fund terror campaigns
Just one month before Hamas began its assault, Biden also released $6 billion in frozen Iranian assets in exchange for five hostages. This glaring sign of weakness let Hamas and Iran’s other proxies know that the United States is willing to negotiate with terrorists and encouraged more hostage taking like what has occurred in Israel.
Biden’s State Department was also reportedly infiltrated by Iranian agents who obtained access to highly classified government documents and influenced Biden’s Iran policy.
Even now as he tries to play the part of a great friend to Israel, Biden has refused to commit to reimposing Trump’s sanctions on Iran to deprive them of the resources to finance terror. Instead, during his remarks in Tel Aviv, and again in the Oval Office on Thursday, Biden lectured Israel to not “be consumed” by their “rage” – a comment that could be interpreted as a subtle warning that Biden’s support comes with stipulations about what tactics Israel can use to respond to the threat from Hamas.
Biden has also pledged $100 million in “humanitarian assistance” to Gaza and the West Bank – while offering no assurances that this “aid money” would not be intercepted and used by Hamas just like the other hundreds of millions of dollars Biden sent to the region. Meanwhile, in his speech Thursday night, Biden made clear that U.S. aid to Israel is being conditioned on Congress also approving tens of billions of dollars more in aid to Ukraine with no oversight for how that money is being spent.
With a dismal approval rating and a multitude of crises weighing down his re-election bid, Biden desperately needs to be the hero of this story. But the truth is, Joe Biden isn’t the hero of anything – and in this case, he’s closer to the villain.

Biden is acting like an unbalanced firefighter who is secretly an arsonist arsonist rushing to be the hero at the fires that he's ignited.
“Firefighter arson is a long-standing problem that impacts fire departments and communities across the nation....In fact, the number of media reports suggests there are likely over 100 arrests per year.”
It no secret that Biden's Afghanistan disaster permanently damaged his credibility and added to the Obama’s billions given to Iran. No two people have funded terrorists more than those two have.
If Biden is such a hero (only in his mind and those in the Quisling Media) then why has he 'Doxed' our soldiers just as Obama did putting their lives in Danger?
Heroes don’t expose our troops. So we have another example of would be Dictator giving aid and comfort to our enemies.
Shane Harris's article is spot on. Americans don’t have time for BS voting Biden out of office, no time for impeachment by the books – He and Harris needs to be replaced immediately. Biden and his administration have proven their incompetency to hold office and are spending our tax dollars like it was his own personal bank account. Biden has to the point proven his weakness leaving America vulnerable and most of us know this, but he is still there. Democrats socialists of America (aka CPUSA) have created tis scenario by fraudulently electing Biden and those steering America's Economy and Foreign Policy.

According to him he keeps making history as a "war zone" POTUS.
Obama is really running the Biden Presidency. He is attempting to put into place the same failed policies of his 8 years as president. What is his romance with the Iranians?

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