Biden Still Polling Well With 3 A.M. Mail-In Ballot Demographic


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Feb 16, 2016
Biden Still Polling Well With 3 A.M. Mail-In Ballot Demographic

Despite ominous polling data showing former President Donald Trump holding leads in key battleground states, there are strong indications that President Joe Biden is still polling well among the important 3 A.M. mail-in ballot demographic.
Democratic strategists expressed confidence that this crucial voting block, which played an important role in his 2020 victory, is still firmly in President Biden's corner, leading many insiders to believe that November's presidential election will turn out differently than current battleground polls indicate.
"We'll be just fine," said Biden campaign chief Julie Chavez Rodriguez. "Mr. Trump's camp may be crowing about all the polls showing him having a lead, but we all know which votes are really the important ones. As long as Donald Trump struggles to win the 3 A.M. unverified mail-in votes, President Biden will still end up being the choice of the American people. Joe just knows how to win those middle-of-the-night votes."
While Trump has built impressive leads in many important states heading into the general election, Biden's track record of winning an overwhelming percentage of votes among ballots that surreptitiously arrive after polling locations have closed and don't have verifiable signatures looms large.

I know the Bee is a Satirical news site - but ouch. We all know/expect this to happen. I don’t think there is a serious nation that allows mail in ballots. Everyone knows that they are a tool for fraud. Of course the Democrat Neo-Marxists use it as their tool, and the RINO's just look the other way and say, ‘Oh well, we can’t do anything about it’.
Those votes are very valuable because the total number of them will swell in precise accordance with the number of votes Brandon needs to surmount any vote deficit that may have been calculated earlier in the evening.


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