Ghost of William Wallace arrested in Scotland once again


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Oct 31, 2012

Tragically, the ghost of William Wallace appeared to a transexual man and is now paying for the consequences. William innocently appeared to the man, as ghosts often do, while walking down the Royal Mile. However, when the ghost got a glimpse of the transexual man who had a mustache and beard and was wearing a dress William yelled, "Blimey, you look like a damned freak!" while beginning to laugh uncontrollable, but in a ghostly fashion, of course. Authorities, however, were not as amused as they were able to somehow detain the ghost of William Wallace who had him drawn and quartered a second time for his hate speech. "You know," said the arresting official, "Until now we had never even been able to prove that ghosts exist, let alone arrest one for violating the new laws on hate speech we just passed, but it just goes to show you that the power of our political correctness these days that now extends past the grave." Williams was, of course, gagged this time so he could not yell, "Freedom!" as he famously did the last time. while being drawn and quartered. Also, everyone with genetic links to William were subsequently also gagged and drawn and quartered as well.

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