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Biden Has Always Been a Doofus

Mar 28, 2021
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I've never understood though.........citizens have the power to remove any political official from office for not doing their job, which is given to us by the Constitution. Yet, nobody uses it. Why?

I've signed so many petitions to get criminal elements ejected out of office, and put my name on so many lists to get them sued and cited for treason and dragged to prison.......but yet nothing happens. If SO many citizens want these criminal elements gone, then I would assume that these petitions would be flooded with signatures.......more than enough to carry out our wishes.
But they never seem to get the signatures they need, or get enough citizens to sign up for backing those who have the power to get these lunatics out of office and into prison cells.


As my school teachers always told us.........If you aren't part of the solution, then you are part of the problem.
You were obviously born yesterday. :abgg2q.jpg: Got news for you,the president is just a puppet for the establishment,he does what they tell him to do,if he doesn’t,then they end up like Kennedy.you are obviously not aware that contrary to what we were told in history classes from our corrupt school system,we don’t elect our presidents,they are selected for us by the establishment,whoever they want in gets in,trump was the exception,they underestimated him but did not make the same mistake the second time. Outing is a complete waste of time,yourvote does not count.

there is one differerent law for politicians than there is for us.they commit crimes everyday we go to jail for including murder.they are immune from prosecution.they are notheld to the same accountability we are at our jobs by our bosses at our company,if we do something against company rules we get fired for it.not so with politicians. Wakes wakey.

I know whats what. I had an ex-military colonel for a history teacher that retired because he got sick and tired of all the BS, lies, and hypocrisy. He would teach us curriculum history Mon - Thurs. On Fridays, he taught us the truth about government, their nasty secrets, who was doing what, who had greased palms, what the military actually WAS, etc.
He told us who had the real power, why common people were treated like sheep and what the govt does to keep them "sheeplified".

Along the way of being a behaviorist observationist all of my life, I've learned a great many other things as well.

I'm one of those super annoying people who are always asking "why". And I usually don't shut up about it until I get an answer that keeps me from continuing to ask "why". You'd be surprised to see how many people can't deal with that, and give me the truth, just to get away from them!!!!

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