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Biden Handlers Realize A Joint Press Conference with Putin Would Be Complete Disaster – Decide on Separate Press Conferences


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Jul 1, 2013
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They must have realized Putin would eat Biden’s lunch.

Biden won’t hold a joint press conference with Russian President Putin after all. Biden called for a meeting a couple of months ago. This was after Putin challenged Biden to a debate.
Biden will meet with Putin next week and hold an individual presser without Putin present.
President Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin will not have a joint news conference after they meet in Geneva next week, according to a White House official.​
Biden will instead hold a solo press conference after Wednesday’s meeting, which will include a working session and a smaller session. We expect this meeting to be candid and straightforward, and a solo press conference is the appropriate format to clearly communicate with the free press the topics that were raised in the meeting — both in terms of areas where we may agree and in areas where we have significant concerns,” the official told reporters traveling with Biden at the G-7.​
To date, Biden has been very accommodating to Russian President Putin.
Biden backed down on moving US ships into the Black sea abandoning an attempt to stop Putin from taking action with Ukraine. As soon as he did, Putin took over two Ukrainian ports.
Biden also waived sanctions to Putin’s pipeline to Germany while at the same time shutting down the Keystone Pipeline in the US.
After calling Putin “a killer” earlier this year, Putin challenged Biden to a debate. Of course, this will never happen now.

How many people around the world know that Biden is totally lost all the time. It really appears that Obama and China are running the White House now.

Hmm...., Loud mouth wanna be bully Joey Xi Bai Dung suddenly fades when it comes down to the nitty gritty meeting with Putin.....
Rather, Joey Xi will demonstrate leadership and confidence squinting at the teleprompter mumbling words he can no longer comprehend.
Just wait for the Quisling Media's headlines: "In order to avoid a cold war the ferocious Joe will have his "Solo" press conference..."
It's really embarrassing for the Progressive Marxist/DSA Democrat Leftists to imagine Joey Xi Bia Dung is the best the fraudsters could come up with.

Smart move… after the embarrassment that Trump displayed with Putin it’s nice to see an administration with some brains handle the situation in a much better way
Come on, Slade...this was all about Biden's "handlers" not trusting him to handle a simple news conference that they wouldn't have control over which says volumes about his mental state!
Yeah, I’m been hearing the mental attacks coming heavy from the right. Let me ask you… when the left was calling Trump mentally ill, how effective do you think that line of attack was? Did it impact you?
You on the left tried to portray Donald Trump as mentally incompetent but with Trump standing on stage talking off the cuff for an hour at the time and taking questions from a virulently hostile main stream media on a daily basis...that portrayal died with a whimper!

Biden on the other hand provides almost daily reminders of how old he is...and how feeble.
You’re saying that the attacks on trump had no effect on you because you saw them for the political tactics that they are. Well, light bulb moment… the left interprets your feeble attacks on Biden the same way.
The attacks on Trump's mental acuity had no effect because it's quite obvious that Trump isn't suffering the same things as Biden so obviously IS! Biden can't walk...he shuffles! He loses his train of thought halfway through a sentence and just sits there looking confused! If he gets asked any question that wasn't scripted for him ahead of time he goes off on whichever reporter dared to ask it! He needs cue cards for the simplest things like remembering names and places. Face it, Slade...you on the left put someone into office that isn't even CLOSE to being up to the job! There is nothing "political" about that! It's just what we're now stuck with!
It’s quite obvious to you but I assure you. It was and is quite obvious to many others that he suffers from many mental deficiencies
Donald Trump is a brash, obnoxious, know it all...in other words...your typical New Yorker! He does not suffer from dementia however. Joe Biden displays ALL of the symptoms for dementia.
Haha, oh now it’s dementia?! Love how y’all always change the narratives. Take a hike
Name a symptom of dementia that Biden doesn't display, Slade!
I just saw my buddy’s dad suffer through 5 years of dementia that ended in his death. Saw it up close and personal from start to end. For you to paint Biden with that is a pathetic insult to what that horrible disease really is. It’s a weak and petty partisan attack by you, a person with an ill equipped mind to engage in honest debate.
Once again...name a symptom of dementia that Biden isn't displaying. I'm not attacking the man...I'm simply pointing out the obvious. Do you remember the early stages of your buddy's dad fight with dementia? How was it different with what we're seeing now with Joe Biden?
Yes I remember and it was very much different. There is no way he would have been able to do what Biden does on a daily basis. Biden is old and he has a studder. He isn’t firing on all cylinders and he is making normal old person gaffs. Y’all are turning it into something completely different. You did the same thing to Hillary about her health. Remember when she fainted and all we heard about was how she is on her deathbed?! Were y’all right about that one or were you full of shit?
The main question is, how does "he isn’t firing on all cylinders and he is making normal old person gaffs" equate to being fit for the office? Being POTUS is incredibly difficult and takes an enormous toll on presidents. Compare photos of presidents from when they took office with when they left office and you will see a remarkable difference. They age a lot while in office. The bottom line is, the democrats nominated a guy who just isn't up to the task of being POTUS.

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