Biden goes off the rails again: “Got Arrested Standing on a Porch with a Black Family” During Civil Rights Movement”

Another day and another really pathetic episode of Biden recounting events that never occurred. Also pathetic is that these detours by Biden into worlds of childlike fantasies will never become too outlandish for the Dems / Socialists to say, “ enough is enough”.

Are the Dems / Socialists going to allow Biden to present himself in public dressed as Napoleon, claiming he is in command of the French forces at Waterloo?

The live interview went sideways after Joe Biden absurdly claimed he “got arrested standing on a porch with a black family” during the civil rights movement.

The Washington Post did a fact-check on this dubious story and concluded there is no evidence to back up Biden’s claim he was arrested on the porch
diaper joe lives in his fairyland world
Biden shows the normal signs of an aging brain. His ability to reason is unaffected.

Trump shows open dementia. He's a drooling turnip.

Like attracts like.
It was not the Democratic party that was racist.

So supporting slavery was "not racist."

Is that the politically correct justification for "Affirmative Action" today?

NEVER has the Dem Party supported state sponsored equality. WHY?

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