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Best Lady Rock/Pop Singers


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Jul 12, 2011
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SW Ohio
Of the last 40 years

1) Maddy Prior-Steeleye Span- 5+ Octave Range Contralto. Melody Maker rated her the best there was. Hard to argue though SS did not get much airplay other than in the UK

2) Sandy Denny- (RIP) of Fairport Convention and the only guest singer to be on a LZ record (The Battle for Evermore -LZ IV)

3) Annie Haslam of Renaissance. Her "Carpet of the Sun" live at Carnegie Hall was one of the greatest vocal performances ever

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XtSQFewjDD0]Renaissance - Carpet of the Sun - YouTube[/ame]

4) Grace Slick-in her younger years she could really belt them out. Her harmonies with Paul Kantner in the Airplane Era was a thing of Beauty

5) Joan Baez-the queen of US Folk

6) Linda Ronstandt. could sing just about any style of music. Her "Different Drummer" with the Stony Ponies written by Monkey front man Mike Nesmith is one of the all time classics

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