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BenghaziGate Investigation: Just Get It Past The Election, At.All.Costs. “Cue Clapper


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May 22, 2012
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Benghazi-Gate Investigation: Just Get It Past The Election…. At.All.Costs. “Cue James Clapper Sword Falling Routine”​

September 29, 2012
Benghazi-Gate Investigation: Just Get It Past The Election…. At.All.Costs. “Cue James Clapper Sword Falling Routine”…. | The Last Refuge
by sundancecracker

We were going to share a post about the electoral danger to the President for an investigation into the Benghazi “coverup”, then we spotted this post from Breitbart, and a link from FDRinHell which highlights and roadmaps respectively:

(Breitbart.com) Don’t be fooled by the supposedly bipartisan effort to investigate the Obama administration’s actions after the attack on the U.S. Consulate in Libya. Democrats are no more serious about challenging Dear Leader in the White House than they have ever been.

Trying to pass off his actions as part of a bipartisan effort at investigation, Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman John Kerry (D-Mass.) started circulating a letter that his aides said would be asking for more information.

Republicans claimed that there were now calls from both parties for an examination of Obama and his administration’s actions; Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) said:

It’s my understanding today that all members of the Foreign Relations Committee — both Democrats and Republicans — are asking the administration for answers. So this is now something that certainly could never be colored as partisan.

John McCain had harsh words for Obama and his minions, calling Obama’s contention that the anti-Islamic video was to blame for the attack “unbelievable” and “disgraceful.”

When asked why Obama and his pals would act in such a way, McCain blasted:

Some allege that maybe it’s because they’re trying to convey to the American people that al Qaeda is no longer a threat, and that when Osama bin Laden left that was the case, but the reality is that al Qaeda is well and thriving in some places.

But here’s the salient point, and how the Democrats are duping the public into thinking that they truly want an investigation: Kerry and his pals’ letter to Thomas Nides, deputy Secretary of State for Management and Resources, is asking for more information and a full briefing after the Senate returns in November.

That’s right. After the election. (read more)

But, wait,….. what if the post election strategy doesn’t work? What if these pesky peeps keep poking us for answers. What’s an administration to do?

Oh, yeah,…… remember the “Rahm Emanuel File Cabinet”?

That stuffed-full filing cabinet, that “Dead Fish” Emanuel perfected the creation of. The one that holds tons of psy-ops information on not only the opposition, but also, “expendable” administration peeps.

Black-ops files of dirt.

Who would be the perfect administration official to fall on his sword for a national security breech, screwup, foul-up or catastrophic failure to prevent terrorism.

Hmmmm?….. A’s,….. , Nope. B’s.. let’s see…., um, Nope. C’s… hmmm…. Carney, Crist,….. Cla..

…. AH-HA !

“The Clapper File”

Perfect !

It he was being saved for the “scapegoat routine” in the event an underwear bomber was successful, or another al-Qaeda terror attack on US soil,….. but, pffffttt, he’s absolutely perfect for the job of sword falling to appease the easily manipulated media; and consequently we can spin it to make it look like “Mr. Gutsy Caller” himself ain’t going to let any incompetence be running around his White House.

Why yes. He’ll do just nicely thank you.


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Dec 18, 2011
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The media is letting Obama off the hook for the lies he and his administration told. They can cover their butts on the requests for more security, but they can't undo the lies that came out of their own mouths. Obama can claim from now till hell freezes over that he stated it was an act of terrorism early on, but the proof is in the many videos of him claiming otherwise from day one.

They have the audacity to try and convince the world that they shouldn't believe what they saw and heard themselves. They hope that people all have short term memories and the truth is whatever they put out there today. Forget yesterday, last month or even last year, folks, because the past gets re-written each day and no one will ever explain themselves for something they claim didn't happen.

When questions keep being asked, the administration will continue to rely on the Alinsky tactic of impugning the inquiring minds by calling them names in an effort to ridicule and silence them. I've seen that here on these boards.

The left has attempted to minimize the seriousness of the terrorist attack on our embassy as a bump in the road, dust in the wind or an effort on the right to make a mountain out of a anthill. I guess all we can expect from the one who claimed to be the most transparent is history is more outright lies. I take it that the Obama administration has changed the meaning of the word, "transparency" to mean the truth is whatever they say it is.
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Mar 6, 2012
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the left dont care about life, pretty much their defense for abortions. if they can abort an innocent baby, what does that tell you their stance on life, 5 dead under his administration, yet no accountability for the full scope of whats going on.

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