Benefits Street- Poverty TV: Hit UK show stirs welfare debate


conscientia mille testes
Jun 17, 2010
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The Bay Area Soviet
I have to admit , I am interested in watching at least 1 episode, I need to have my 'radical' con/libertarian stereotypes reconfirmed :razz:

In all seriousness, I am shocked there isn't one set here in the US...I could venture a guess as to why not, but thats when someone will find one and whack me over the head with it:lol: so I admit I am pretty ignorant as to reality TV offerings here in the US.....

Express train from Sesame Street to Benefits Street with one stop in between at Surreal Street...:doubt:

Poverty TV: Hit UK show stirs welfare debate

Associated Press

LONDON (AP) -- It's reality TV for austerity times.

A shoplifter, a recovering drug addict and a young couple barely able to feed their kids are among the stars of "Benefits Street" - a smash hit reality show featuring welfare recipients that has stirred up a storm of controversy in Britain.

The program zooms in on a rough Birmingham street where 9 out of 10 people are said to live off state payouts, chronicling over five episodes the lives of jobless neighbors as they struggle with their daily problems.

The show has struck a strong chord in a nation fresh out of recession and still reeling from its most brutal austerity measures in a generation, with basic public services trimmed drastically. Britain's welfare state has long been a subject of pride among many Britons, but these days attitudes toward benefits have hardened - and polls suggest that support for pouring taxpayer money into welfare, especially for the young, is at a record low.

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