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Astorino for HUD


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May 20, 2009
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Westchester County Executive has lead a Patton like campaign against the zealous overreach of Obama's HUD. Under Obama, HUD is being used as a Soviet central planning tool to move the poor into wealthy areas - just because they can. In an incredible was of time and effort, HUD zoned land around golf courses as the ideal place for new low income housing.

For his part, Astorino has delivered all the affordable housing he promised to deliver and has cautioned anyone who would listen that HUD is a Frankenstein monster out of the lab and running through our countryside.

HUD threatened to withhold funds unless Astotino acquiesced to HUD silly social engineering scheme. Astorino replied like McAuliffe when asked to surrender Bastogne.

He's been a phenomenal, principled Country Executive who has not raised spending in his entire term. I can think of no better person to oversee the reformation and fundamental transformation of HUD than our very own Robert Astorino

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