Argentina: Simulated mass funeral to bury reality shows: french olympians of survival show Dropped


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Apr 26, 2014
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This will be confirmed as the TRUTH, because there will be NO open caskets for the public, as in all fake deaths.

Illuminati Grand Master stages fake death of ALL participants in survival reality show Dropped - ALL explained in advance
Most of the cast are french former olympic athletes, including gold medalists.
As always in these fake plane crashes someone miraculously escaped, in this case "former Arsenal footballer Sylvain Wiltord, who missed the doomed flights because he had been voted off the show the day before".
Reminder: the ultimate mockery of this type surfaces by simply googling this: transasia baby.

Tragic last picture of French athletes killed in Argentinian reality TV show air crash is revealed, along with image of the two doomed helicopters taking off shortly before fatal mid-air collision.
An image has also surfaced of the two doomed helicopters taking off moments before the disaster.
Moment helicopters carrying French Dropped stars smash into each other killing ten Daily Mail Online

ALL BIG BROTHER TV shows = reverse of 1998 film "Truman Show" = SIMULATED REALITY.
Not only BIG BROTHER but ALL reality shows are scripted, from Duck Dynasty to $1 million dollar question, where the "winner" is awarded as much as the "winner" of the totally rigged state lotteries: around $200,000.
In the ONE global show it's the audience who plays the role of Truman Burbank, while those supposedly on stage are in fact aware that it's all staged.
Simulated Reality the world as we know it BIG BROTHER TV shows SIMULATED REALITY world as we know it

Feb 4, 2015:
Taiwan: Taipei TransAsia Airways plane crash: joke about ongoing 9/11 remake, Malaysia to Indonesia, Taiwan to Jerusalem
Jokes by the Illuminati - mock the human cattle Taipei Taiwan TransAsia Airways plane crash mockery of ongoing 9 11 remake Malaysia to Indonesia

Simulated reality terminated NOW Survival reality show Dropped FAKE deaths staged by Illuminati Grand Master

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