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arcipet vs. exelon


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Aug 18, 2008
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a bit of backstory: mom started on the exelon patch but was living alone and couldnt remember to change it....then when i put her in alf...she was put on arcipet. i have endured over a year of hell with her making her accusations and being meaner than a snake...then the 'minor' heart attack....and suddenly she changed...last 5 ....yes count them 5 visits she has been kinda nice and not so bad....so we are all trying to figure out why? what changed? did the heart attack cause nice?

so i am sitting down looking at all the paper work and reviewing the meds...when i notice she is being given aricept and exelon....i call the alf...she has been taken off the aricept and is just using the exelon patch. she has been off the aricpet for over 6 weeks. of course i have zero proof that this is why her behavior has changed but i would advise anyone seeing problems with a person taking aricept...to consider changing the drug to something else...just to see..

i know the doctors give you the speech..."we are not sure what aricept does but when we remove them from it, they may crash"

fuck that....if your person is mean as a snake and suddenly seems to just be out there.....try changing meds.....i wished i had listened when people told me not to let her have the aricept......but i was new to all this and scared to death.....now, not so much...

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