Another example of stupidity in Britain


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Jan 19, 2014
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Former hippy wins right to claim ex s post-divorce wealth - Yahoo News

20 years AFTER a divorce a woman demands money from her ex husband , money he made long after they split, and the morons in Britain agree she has a case,
These are the same people who have long debated that Mugging and Home Invasions are valid vocations, because they offer much relief to the highly taxed British Welfare system.

Britain is gone brother. There's no bringing it back.

LOL! The BBC just suspended the most popular television personality in Britain, because he got into an argument with a Producer... calling the fracas, workplace violence. Prior to THAT... the same guy in a bit for his program, was reciting 'eeny, meeny, minee, moe..." and mumbled through the 'N-word' to obscure it... the pantywaists of Britain rose in a mob of 300 protestors demanding justice... after the BBC hired a COMPANY TO DETERMINE WHAT HE MUMBLED... who then declared it a 75% likelihood that he had in fact mumbled 'n*^^er' albeit indistinguishably.

There is simply nothing left to save.

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