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Andy James joins Five Finger Death Punch.


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Jan 5, 2019
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_Arkansas~_The Natural State_
British guitarist Andy James has joined 5FDP on their European tour opening for Megadeth.

He had exactly 3 days to learn 17 songs....talk about a crash course in brain surgery.
Good luck AJ and get well soon Jason.

"Due to unforeseen circumstances, our brother Jason Hook will not be able to perform tonight. He needs additional time for his recovery and must step back from the current tour in order to have the opportunity to do so. We discussed this as a band and Jason’s well-being is our priority – health comes first.

It was Jason’s express wish that we continue the tour so with Jason’s blessing we have invited our friend Andy James who has agreed to step in and finish the tour for Jason. We are grateful for Andy stepping up and will continue to deliver the great show the fans deserve every night.

We’ve been having an incredible run with our friends in Megadeth and Bad Wolves so far, and the vibe of the tour has been amazing. We look forward to seeing all the German fans next and appreciate all of you joining us in wishing Jason a speedy recovery."


Five Finger Death Punch Reveals That Andy James Will Fill In For Jason Hook For Remainder Of Tour - Music Mayhem Magazine

He sits with Megadeth lead guitarist Kiko Loureiro backstage in Munich....

I've known Andy was a bad ass from his YouTube videos for awhile now....
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