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Jun 19, 2009
If you can't even hire a proper consultant to show you where your speaches are problematic and miss key points, then how are we to trust you to see all angles and hire the proper people to run the country?
Candidates: fire your consultants, I can tell each and everyone of you where you are failing miserably.
Including Trump.
You need my debate skills, problem solving skills, & consulting services bad.
TRUMP IS MISSING key points on his imigration debate that's why he's seeing the backlash by Spanish voters. He's not being advised on many other key issues which affect how he becomes portrayed and how it will cause eventual slipage as the same traits get people turned off through repetition and recognition. =consultants job to recognize, advise,
and strategize=epic failure=YOU'RE FIRED!
A good administrator and delegator uses a consultant to look outside in, to find niches that you will never notice.
Someone speaking is to busy fielding the question and trying to form answers to notice the little nuances.
Perfectionist and people with spines make good consultants.
According to your opinion one person should know it all and not have any round table full of experts consulting on issues that face our country....that person doesn't exist and would likely be a consultant. *L*
Actually it is, I've noticed many blatant mistakes they are making that should have been caught the first time before being repeated 4-5 times already.
Repetitive speach and jokes alone is a problem, that's how they go from popular to disapear in the polls when people don't hear anything new or relevant.
"All the candidates should fire their campaign speach/debate consultants"

For Trump and the other republican candidates, this isn't the problem.

I don't think they'd understand why. They don't think they are doing anything wrong (except for Trump of course, who remembers Perot's mistake of actually being electable, and has narrowed his appeal accordingly)

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