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  1. William Smith

    Trump, Xi Jinping discuss Coronavirus outbreak

    Chinese President Xi Jinping spoke on Friday with US President Donald Trump on the novel coronavirus outbreak and urged Washington to respond “reasonably” to the epidemic, state media reported. Xi told Trump on the phone that China was “fully confident and capable of defeating the epidemic,”...
  2. H

    North Korea has shot down a US plane in the past - could it do it again?

    North Korea has warned it has the right to shoot down US jets in response to Donald Trump's bellicose threats - yet it would not be the first time Pyongyang has carried out such an act. This video will say it all:
  3. G

    Visit the new Streaming Trump website!

    Streaming Trump Our mission is to give you, the people, the most up-to-date information on the President of the United States, Mr. Donald J. Trump, on one page!
  4. P@triot

    Time for President Trump to call in the National Guard

    Since all of these Dumbocrat domestic terrorists are egregiously violating constitutional federal law - it's time for President Trump to send in the National Guard and remove all of these people from power. Then ship them off to Guantanamo Bay where they belong (thank goodness Obama didn't shut...
  5. M

    Hillary Clinton quote shirt

    how do you think these shirts look, get one now if your interested. NEED FEEDBACK.. HILLARY CLINTON QUOTE SHIRT
  6. P@triot

    No one is REALLY voting "for" Hillary...

    Seriously folks, without the usual silly bantering, no one is really voting FOR Hitlery.....her "popularity" boils down to those who hate Trump (a hatred that is largely justified as the guy is a complete and total dirt-bag) and will show up to vote this November to cast a ballot AGAINST him...
  7. Z

    Social Media Study

    I am conducting a study to understand the relationship between the representation of political discourse on social media and concrete political action such as voter turnout, campaign donations, and canvasing. My father always told me that people vote in the booth only a few times a year, but...
  8. HaShev

    All the candidates should fire their campaign speach/debate consultants

    If you can't even hire a proper consultant to show you where your speaches are problematic and miss key points, then how are we to trust you to see all angles and hire the proper people to run the country? Candidates: fire your consultants, I can tell each and everyone of you where you are...

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