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After New Hampshire Primary.Candidates May Play That "You Withdraw/Bow Out First" Game.Loser!

Rexx Taylor

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Jan 6, 2015
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Sarasota, Florida

Will the elimination process of the remaining 12 or so candidates resemble some of our childhood games that may resemble musical chairs, "Tag,Your It". Cowboys & Indians, Pin the tail on the elephant? It's possible, it seems none of the GOP candidates want to suffer the embarrassment of admitting they are a loser. Bush and Christie don't look like their going anywhere,anytime soon. Rand Paul,oh no, not me,you go first!!. Well at least Lindsey Graham had the balls to be the second elephant. In another scenario, it might look like that classic scene from "The Thing", where each "GOP" candidate had to draw blood, then the blood was tested to see who was "The Monster" !!!:FIREdevil::hellno:
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