A Week of NCAA Upsets


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Mar 25, 2004
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The BSC rankings are becoming increasingly competitive as Top Ten teams continue to be upset left and right. At the end of yesterday, 3 single loss teams and one undefeated were outsed from their heights, three of them by unranked teams.

To start the week off, Thursday's game between #3 Louisville at #15 Rutgers ended with Rutgers' biggest win in school history with a final score of 28-25, leaving Rutgers undefeated and knocking previously undefeated Louisville out of the running for the national title.

The next big game was the early ESPN Saturday game of unranked Georgia at #5 Auburn. With Georgia's defensive back Tra Battle catching the ball more than Auburn recievers in the first half, the game just wasn't going their way, and despite a desperate and successful 2-point attempt to keep them afloat, Auburn was simply unable to overcome Georgia's fired up defense and aggressive offense, leaving the final score 37-15.

After that fell the almost initially unnoticed game between #8 California at unranked Arizona. Despite an expeted 17-3 deficit at the half, Arizona exploded out of the gates the second half, shoving the ball down California's throat an leaving them nearly scoreless, pulling out a 24-20 victory.

Last, but not least, a game that didn't end until almost midnight EST was #4 Texas at unranked Kansas State. During the first touchdown pass of the game, Texas' star quarterback, Colt McCoy, injured himself, spelling the beginning of the end for Texas, as a fired up Kansas State team shot ahead 21-14 at the half and widening it 42-28 at the end of the third quarter, but don't discount Texas yet, as they're ranked #4 for a reason. In the final quarter, Texas came back with a vengence, holding Kansas State to a single field goal and scoring two more touchdowns themselves, but a failed on-side kick followed by a Kansas State 1st down ended their dreams of a national title, ending the game 45-42.

In other news, Florida only barely squeaked by South Carolina, winning the game by the margin of a single blocked field goal and blocking a last-second field goal attempt to win the game 17-16. Ohio State and Michigan defended their undefeated status, setting up the game between #1 and #2 for this Saturday. Notre Dame and USC also won, putting them in clear contention for a BCS title. And Arkansas thrashed Tennessee 31-14, officially ending Auburn's hopes of an SEC title, leaving only LSU and Arkansas in contention. Arkansas faces Mississippi State next week, and if they lose, the game between Arkansas and LSU the day after Thanksgiving will decide the SEC title.
Did you watch that Texas A&M/Nebraska Game? Nebraska goes into their stadium and hands them a last-minute defeat! That rocked.

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