A Full-Time Legislature


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Apr 12, 2012
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Imagine a hypothetical country, populated with a million colonists. A colony on a distant planet if you like. Assume that all of the colonists are intelligent and civilized and literate.

In short order, they would seek to establish a government. The starting point would be a charter or constitution, describing the basic structure of the government, how officials would be nominated and elected, how laws would be made and enforced, and other very basic points.

Once they had a Constitution they would in some way appoint or elect a "rules committee," or maybe they would call it a "Congress." The Congress would promulgate rules (or laws) that would flesh out the details of the Constitution and provide for specific situations and problems.

In the early years, the Congress would be quite busy because they would constantly be encountering problems that the Founders didn't anticipate. But as time went by, the rules committee would have less and less to do. In fact, after - I don't know - ten years or so, the only time the rules committee would have to act would be when some new technology was created that impacted peoples' interactions. By that time, the rules committee would only be meeting a couple times a year. It would be a voluntary, part time gig. (In many states, the legislatures only meet once a year. In Texas, it's once every other year. Do they suffer from lack of laws?)

This all seems self-evident to me.

So somebody explain to me why the United States of America, 226 years after the finalization of the Constitution, still has a FULL TIME CONGRESS. A full-time body of government blood suckers whose entire existence, theoretically at least, is dedicated to making new laws and "correcting" existing laws that don't work anymore. Do we really need this? Is this anything other than a terrible invitation to mischief? Is it not self-evident that the vast majority of their existence is plotting and planning to feather their own nests and keep themselves in power?

When can we finally say, "ENOUGH!" We don't need any more laws for a while. Why don't you fuckers just go home, get a real job, and leave us alone? Hell, we'll PAY you to go home and leave us alone. When we need some more laws, we'll give you a call.

Government shutdown? BRING IT ON!

This is fucking insane.

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