A Black Republican Tells Byron Donalds To Shut Up

The former chair of the Republican party had some words for Byron Donalds. Now nortice the Michael Steele will not be called an Uncle Tom or Sellout. And he is a black Republican. The narrative about blacks from the right is a false one and just like Steele tells Donald to shut up, the same goes for right wing whites who seem to think that blacks must agree with blacks who are so stupid as to utter the words Donald did.

Former RNC Chair Blasts Byron Donalds' Jim Crow Remarks: 'Stop This Crap'​

Michael Steele, former chairman of the Republican National Committee (RNC), blasted Representative Byron Donalds, a Florida Republican, on MSNBC's The Weekend on Sunday for his previous Jim Crow remarks, telling him to "stop this crap."

Donalds spoke about the Jim Crow-era, a period of racial segregation following the Civil War that continued until the late 1960s, while at a campaign rally for former President Donald Trump in Philadelphia on Tuesday, which was aimed at engaging Black people to vote for the presumptive GOP presidential nominee.

After showing a clip of this fiery exchange on The Weekend on Sunday morning, Steele, who is a co-host on the program, said, "You don't double down on Jim Crow, bro. You just don't. You can't convince Black people or anybody else that we were better off in a segregated society where your behind wouldn't have even been allowed in Congress and certainly would have had questions about who you socialize with."

Steele went into an anecdote from when he was growing up in Washington, D.C., while it was still segregated: "My mama couldn't take me to certain parks in D.C. because of Jim Crow. And yet, I sit where I sit now despite that."

He continued: "I'm not going to forget that though and I'm not going to try to romanticize it and pretend that somehow my mama and I were better off when she couldn't take me to that park. So just stop it. And especially Black Republicans, stop this crap, let's be honest about it."

Steele is not a Republican. He was a shill.

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