9 Years Into Common Core, Test Scores Are Down, Indoctrination Up


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Dec 7, 2014
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You guys are all morons, without any kids in school, because no woman would ever reproduce with you. Common core, like Marxism, is a label you slap on ideas you don’t understand.

The problem isnt common core or liberalism (another moronic label).Our education system produces the best students ever assembled for the most elite colleges in the world. The problem is inequity. We also produce a large number of unprepared students. The difference is that, like healthcare, the results relate only to money. The wealthy schools are killing it. The poor ones getting killed. America is a small group of super elites (top 10%) and a whole mess of have nots.

You are blind deaf and stupid.
Poor schools in my district get significantly more funding and resources for both teachers and students. Guess what? They still underperform compared to their middle class and upper class peers.

When you have kids that come from neighborhoods full of drug dealers, violence, guns, gangs, many of whom have no positive male role models in their lives, and nobody at home that can help them with their school work because nobody in their family has graduated from high school before....you're telling me the inequity comes from school funding? That's not the real world.

I've worked at one of the poorest schools in my district before and loved every second I was there. Most of the kids were good people who had zero interest in anything remotely academic for a multitude of reasons, a few wanted to really learn and get ahead, and quite a few got arrested. On Mondays we'd get slips in our mailboxes letting us know which of our students was arrested over the weekend. I have a few former students doing life in prison. If they grew up in a different neighborhood and had a different supporting cast in life perhaps they wouldn't be where they were.

Also if they weren't coddled (mainly by liberalism) in schools where every kid gets a trophy, we don't punish kids but force PBS down people's throats, and all the kids get 8675309 second chances maybe they would have learned that their actions have consequences that they can't charm their way out of. What a said pipeline and some of those that mean well and doing nothing selling up an cracks to that very same pipeline.
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