‘$8 for a box of cereal?’: This Florida retiree says ‘everyone’s looking for a job’

Unless you buy the smallest size at an average $3 to $4/box for the most plain and tasteless, cereal is running $4 to $8 depending on the ingredients and the brand. We stopped buying boxed cereal except for the kind you cook--malt-o-meal, oatmeal and such--as we can get a lot of meals out of those without spending a lot of money. I don't doubt in some areas prices are higher than here.
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More and more people are purchasing store brands. Many are of quality. And made from companies who produce the name brands.
I knew that 40 years ago when I worked at a Kroger in college. Kroger introduced their Cost Cutter brands that were the same name brand products at a lower cost. If you bought name brand, you were wasting money.
If you can’t buy cereal then the problem ain’t the economy. Was $3.50 today.

You said you've "seen" $7 cereal. You never said you bought it. Do you buy $7 boxes of cereal?
A 10 oz box of cheerios is $7..... so what are you talking about?...

A 10 oz box of cheerios is $7..... so what are you talking about?...

Perhaps buying breakfast from a liquor store isn't the best idea. You can get a 10.8 oz box of Honey Nut Cheerios for $3 from my local Star Market right now.

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