28th Amendment being written up in Congress


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Oct 31, 2012
With Joe Biden waning worse every day with dementia, lawmakers are busily putting together the 28th amendment which would make clear that it could possibly be applied to a Democrat to remove a sitting President who is infirm, and not just applied to a Republican.

"We want to make clear to the world that despite having a one-party legal system that targets only Republicans like Trump and ignores Congressmen who are democrats who illegally obtaining gold bars or openly engages in insider trading In Congress, etc., we can use the 25 amendment to remove Potato head...........er............um........I mean President Joe Biden", said Chuck Schumer. "Looking forward to Cameltoe taking over!"

No word yet on an amendment to remove Presidents who digress into incapacitating cackling fits.

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While the entire debacle has a dark shade of humor to it, it's no joke that we (America as a nation), have never been more ripe for a takeover of our government by corrupt forces. Hell, China has so much influence that China probably could take America from inside at this point with so many of our corporations and politicians in Chinas pocket.

We can only hope that if such a thing happened our military would not allow it. It is probably ONLY because of that that evil men have not already done so.

America is at a very bad place never before seen in US history.
I can't believe I'm even saying this, but... Harris needs to step up an finish Bidens term. We cannot afford a vacancy at the highest level of power. Under any circumstance...

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