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16-Year-Old Wyoming Student Arrested for Not Wearing Mask, Entire School Placed on Lockdown


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Jun 7, 2021
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Aug 10, 2020
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Her Constitutional Right to not wear a mask is true.

Where she can go is clear.
Not anywhere she fucking wants.

You would all hopefully condemn any posting member here, that walks into a public business, NAKED.

What gives them the right to be NAKED in public. NOTHING.
Can they be NAKED at home, in Private, yes, ALL they want.
Just don't bring your NAKED fantasies into our public businesses.

It's not that hard Gracie.
Have your father homeschool you.
I am sorry WHAT LAW says you must wear a mask?


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Sep 21, 2021
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The Article: WATCH: 16-Year-Old Wyoming Student Arrested for Not Wearing Mask, Entire School Placed on Lockdown

From the Article:

"A 16-year-old student in Wyoming was arrested and the entire school was placed on lockdown — all because she refused to wear a mask.

Grace Smith, 16, had already been suspended twice from Laramie High School in Wyoming for refusing to wear masks in class.

As the brave student attempted to go to class unmuzzled once again, she was met with police and given a $500 citation. When she was told to leave the school, she refused to comply. At that point, she was handcuffed and arrested.

As the situation unfolded, an announcement over the loudspeaker said that “we are in a lockdown, please stay in your rooms.”"

OP Comment(s):

This little girl is braver than most American men indeed. What should haunt us all most about this event is the tactical paramilitary garb and gear worn by the officer in the Twitter video. His black tactical uniform and web gear smacks of elite S.W.A.T. or death squad and he seems to be packing multiple twenty-five or thirty-two round magazines in his assault vest mag pouches; did he need them and are they standard issue for subduing a sixteen year-old AMERICAN high school girl?

Jesus Christ. And I mean Jesus fucking Christ . . .

When I attended high school at a country school district in the sticks of rural Pennsylvania back in the late eighties local police officers still carried revolvers as standard issue sidearms and wore ties as part of their uniforms. We knew all the local cops and they let us get away with after school fights in the school parking lot. Many of them were Korean or Vietnam War vets and most of them knew our fathers from when they attended high school a generation or two earlier. We were a tight knit rural county where the cops' last resort when responding to just about ANY call for service was to even touch their sidearm and none of them looked like they were geared up to invade Bagdad or quake it up with narco-terrorists in Mexico City.

Poor little girl out there in Wyoming. Too bad there aren't many if any American men left to save her from legally appointed death squads coming to her school. She is a hero . . . a genuine hero . . . for finding the guts to do what most American men these days never could: stand up to the almighty State. We all of us American men should be ashamed . . .
What You have described is America getting what they deserve for their un-sane love of comfortable lies, perpetual wars with tortures, maimings murders and destructions all around the world; And You stupid, deluded, nutzo Americans cheered those wars and brag about your "democracy", but you were never allowed to vote against any war, so why are Americans so incredibly stupid? Isaiah 5 is being applied to you, your cities are being destroyed, and Russia now has a perfect right to wreck America big time.
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