+15,000 Peer Reviewed Climate Science Papers Written Since 2000 Now Obsolete


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Mar 3, 2013
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Maybe its just me, but it would seem that it should be much bigger news that 15,000+ peer-reviewed climate research papers published since 2000 are based on a non-existent phenomena & thus are now discredited ...

The environmentalists sell their climate scam by insisting mankind knows everything there is to know about climate is complete and documented. Now just use our manmade climate models to gut the world economy. (Except the elite calling for gutting the economy, they keep their mansions and private jets.)

Volcanic eruptions, not natural variability, were the cause of an apparent "Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation," a purported cycle of warming thought to have occurred on a timescale of 40 to 60 years during the pre-industrial era”
The article calls Mann a distinguished professor, so keep that hilarious position in mind when reading. Mann’s hat trick. LIA, MWP and AMO gone.

The +15,300 peer reviewed papers:


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