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10 Traits found in Capitalists


Rational and proud of it.
Oct 1, 2008
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1.Capitalist believe in the use of force to gain their personal ends. Whether it's Middle Eastern oil or offshore drilling or underfunding public schools or private health care, in the end there's always a gun at your head to get you to conform. If a man holds you up in the street, does it matter if he wants the money for drugs or to bail out some huge corporation? It's still a gun, and it's still armed robbery. And he bought the gun from a capitalist.

2. Capitalist believe in slavery. Their concept is not the slavery of an individual owning another individual, but of a company owning the output of the individual. Most people must work at least five days out of the week for a private company in order to afford to purchase goods and services from other private companies, the majority of which are owned by the wealthiest class, and it's getting worse. The status quo has had every family who wished to own land or a business indebted since time immemorial and duped people into believing its in our own best interests. This is economic slavery. (If you don't believe me, watch what happens if you don't buy goods and services from large corporations. See No. 1 above.)

3. Capitalists are greedy. They want to get rich. The want to hoard wealth (a finite resource) and resources and charge you to access those resources, andthen they justify it by claiming that those who fail under a capitalistic system simply didn't work hard enough or weren't clever enough. For those few who do succeed and become independently wealthy, capitalists say "See! The system works!"

4. Capitalists believe the worst in everyone. They believe that we are all greedy and that's why capitalism works - because greed is part of human nature. They believe socialists are lazy, so that their not necessarily hard-earned money must be taxed to be redistributed to some vast number of people (mostly minorities they believe) who just don't work and who sit around content to be poor and not contribute to society. They believe that socialists are some sort of collective, like the Borg, and that compassion has little to do with our belief in individual freedom, so that compassion becomes government-mandated instead of using a socio-political system that has nothing to do with greed and the hoarding of wealth and resources from one's fellow human beings.

5.Capitalists think religion shouldn't interfere with the making of money. They could care less about the faithful as long as their faith doesn't affect the economy. Religion and spirituality have little concern for capitalists.

6. Capitalists believe in an ignorant society. How else can we explain their slavish devotion to a public school system that is so dumbed down that students can't read their own diplomas? Capitalists know an ignorant society is good because what we don't know can't hurt them. That's why they try their damnedest to confuse what socialism really is with Leninism, Stalinism, National Socialism under the Third Reich, Maoism, and other forms of government which are not actually socialist but have used the term "socialism" to dupe the working classes into following their forms of megalomania. Useful idiots are more amenable to dominance than citizens who have read political and economic philosophy and who understand human nature and the will of the human spirit and what freedom truly means.

7. Capitalists don't care about your right to defend yourself, they just want you to believe that their are numerous criminals who constantly threaten you and your family so that you'll by their guns, ammo, security systems, etc. They pretend that only they can provide you with a means to protect yourself from crime even though it is the stratified society and the hoarding or wealth and resources which lead the level of crime that we experience currently. What capitalists are really concerned about is your ability to defend yourself against them and so they distract you with unrealistic threats. They also want you to believe that you have some need for their products, and usually they go about that with advertisements that suggest that you are somehow inadequate or have a deficiency and need their products to mitigate that unreal or unimportant problem.

8. Capitalists are intolerant. If you have a dissenting opinion, you aren't hired and they refuse the right to serve anyone.

9. Capitlists are hypocrites. They trick the uneducated masses to conform to their ideals while they, the rich and powerful, get richer and more powerful. How else can you explain TV evangelists' huge mansions or huge corporations putting small businesses out of business (i.e. Wal-Marts and Safeways in small towns)? How else can they claim that capitalism works for everyone when the top 1% own 90% of everything else?

10. Above all, capitalists are in denial. No matter how much you point out the obvious – that people still believe in government for the people by the people to institute programs and agencies that work in the public's own interests (like the Dept. of Interior - the Forest Service and National Park Service; Social Security - remember what happened when Bush took that one on?; Medicare/Medicaid - think about those who benefit from these programs and who were scared that health care reform would hurt these programs; health care reform which most people's representatives voted for; FDA regulations instituted by the American people to protect us from corner-cutting corporations; Dept.'s of Transportation, unemployment insurance; WIC; welfare; the VA; gun laws; state public smoking bans; labor laws; pollution laws) which have been fought against by private companies and special interest groups and which isn't fulfilling the dictionary or any kind of valid definition of socialism other than the kind of socialism that people who don't really know what socialism is believe it to be – they flat deny it. Did the government take over the food and drug industries when they instituted the FDA? Did they take over the timber and mining industries when Roosevelt instituted the Dept. of Interior? If you point out the horrors of privatized medicine (such as people being refused health care for unreasonable reasons), for example, a capitalist will lie. "But at least its not as bad as socialized medicine..." like the kind that people in Canada, the UK, Germany, Italy, France, Norway, and many other western modern social democratic nations overwhelmingly support. Capitalists are concerned that the government holds 40 percent of Citibank and over 80 percent of AIG because they know that if they run into trouble they can count on the government to bail their asses out. Nancy Pelosi assures us that government takeovers of banks should be "transitional" but not permanent, and Steny Hoyer hesitates "to use the word nationalization." You'll notice they don't deny it's a government takeover. Even though this process was begun by a capitalist: Bush. They merely refuse to call a duck a duck. Quack quack.


Aug 31, 2009
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Anyone else tired of these stupid, stereotypical lists on either side?


Unobtanium Member
Jan 3, 2009
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Drinking wine, eating cheese, catching rays
That list of stereotypes doesn't fit any capitalist I know of in the Real World.


Defend Liberty
Aug 27, 2008
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Many misconceptions about what capitalism is in that list.

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