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  1. G

    CDZ Why I think western civilization is in decline

    Say a 16 or 17 years old have sex with a beautiful female teachers. Normal people would say "nice". But yea I understand. Kids, at 16-17, are not old enough to consent to have sex. I totally got it. If the sex is reversed I don't know what to say either. But 5 years old kid can choose...
  2. defcon4

    Monument in celebration of the decline of Western culture

    There is a male figure seemingly dead, fallen from the pedestal what has the inscription "Sic Transit Gloria Mundi" ( "So passes the glory of the world" or "so passes worldly glory") The male figure is white, representing the white European race, ergo depicting the final outcome of Open Society...
  3. American_Jihad

    Who really poses the greater threat: Putin or the anti-American Left?

    It's always the left - nasty people and their existence is a hate crime... NUKES THREATEN PEOPLE; IDEAS THREATEN CIVILIZATIONS Who really poses the greater threat: Putin or the anti-American Left? July 18, 2017 Dennis Prager ... But it wasn't the ad hominem insults that I found...
  4. American_Jihad

    Trump Defends The West

    He tells it like it is, Deal With It... TRUMP DEFENDS THE WEST While critics display their embarrassing ignorance of history. July 10, 2017 Bruce Thornton President Trump’s ringing defense of Western civilization during his speech in Poland was a welcome answer to the phony cultural...
  5. ding

    The affirmative case for Christianity

    Christianity promotes the virtues of thankfulness, forgiveness, humility, chastity, temperance, charity, diligence, patience and kindness. Christianity is responsible for the creation of wonderful charities and organizations which serve the betterment of man. Christians and Christian...
  6. American_Jihad

    Why the Left Loathes Western Civilization

    Maybe they should MOVE, you know GTFO... Why the Left Loathes Western Civilization The motivation behind leftist hate for the West. April 27, 2016 Dennis Prager ... Wherever there is conflict between the West — identified as white, capitalist or of European roots — and the non-West, the...
  7. American_Jihad

    Why do we pin all our probems on the west?

    Tell it like it is lady... Saudi Singer on Egyptian TV Criticizes Radical Islam Shams Bandar asks a bold question. February 15, 2016 Larry Elder ... Bandar: "I have been accused of that for a long time now. It's nothing new. Foreign citizenship. ... It's not that I'm happy with the way...
  8. HaShev

    Folkways-and how cultures impose their ways on others

    "Characteristics of the society of folk & how it imposes"- The zest of the social community somewhat depends on population size and the amount of convenience born out of the many offered services and amount of entertainment available in that community. Community life also somewhat revolves...

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