1. Timmy O. Goodwin

    Zone1 Is the GOP at a Crossroads?

    Donald Trump won the South Carolina Republican primary, moving closer to the GOP nomination. Despite losing, Nikki Haley, the state's former governor, is not giving up, showing what appears to be deep differences within the Republican Party. Trump's success in early primaries shows he has...
  2. YoursTruly

    Warning signs

    Everything now a days has warning labels and signs on on or near it. A lot of these are just the broke woke way of coddling people. Since Disney has decided to push the LGBT crap on us straight people, I think it's only proper that they warn everyone of their wokeness at the entrance of their...
  3. Chuz Life

    Caregivers and voter fraud

    I am from a very large family. I know have and have had even more in the past. . . Several family members being cared for by caregivers. My own wife if disabled with a brain injury. My wife can not vote by herself. Neither can any of my family members in nursing home care. As my wife's...
  4. DOTR

    Republican voter suppression methods

    Republicans use a four pronged attack to suppress Democrat voters.
  5. Dan Stubbs

    Senator states voter know to much information.

    Will it is now known why Democrats are leaving the party. Senator Hirono of HI said that voters have a hard time connecting with what the Party is saying because the have gotten "smart" and they know to much about what is going on. Well it has come to past that we are getting smarter. The...
  6. S

    Democrats should immediately confront the minimum wage rate.

    Democrats regained the congressional House. Now they should immediately confront the federal minimum wage rate issue. I’m among those that advocate a minimum wage rate gradually increased to higher purchasing power and thereafter monitored and (when necessary to retain its targeted purchasing...
  7. deanrd

    Republicans are still looting the country? Time for the middle class to take America back!

    It's only a month and a couple of days away. Will the middle class finally show up and take America back? Republicans have been looting the country since Reagan. Will the Caucasian Middle Class finally be more afraid of the GOP looting the country and running their scorched earth...
  8. G

    CDZ Who should ideally be allowed to vote if you want to create a new country/sub country/provinces?

    All people. Men Women Men & Women Men, Women, and Children Land owners Mixed. Land owners and population Stockholders (so the new country is like a stock, and stockholders decide everything Forget voting. Let a dictator/CEO run the job and pay him based on indicators like GDP The purpose of...
  9. Street Juice

    Can your sense of humor predict who you will vote for?

    Rank the following, with -5 being not in the least funny, 0 being, meh, maybe a smile, and 5 being kneeslappingly hilarious: You are watching... We don't serve... Spell “pig” backwards... I have no... A man tries... A priest and... Neitzche and Al ... Rene DesCartes walks... You might be... A...
  10. Litwin

    Democratic Party files lawsuit alleging "Russia", the Trump campaign and WikiLeaks conspired to disr

    Great, which side will take Trump and his fan base? "Democratic Party files lawsuit alleging "Russia", the Trump campaign and WikiLeaks conspired to disrupt the 2016 campaign"
  11. G

    CDZ Should this women get 8 years prison?

    Illegal Voting Gets Texas Woman 8 Years in Prison, and Certain Deportation A girl brought in as infant vote. Her education is less than 6 grade.
  12. American_Jihad

    Why Rural America Voted for Trump

    I know, forgive me for using this source but it will occupy the liberal mind... Why Rural America Voted for Trump The New York Times By ROBERT LEONARD 12 hrs ago Knoxville, Iowa — One recent morning, I sat near two young men at a coffee shop here whom I’ve known since they were little...
  13. MindWars

    it is D-day! electoral college votes today, but the unhinged have more up their sleeve

    It Is D-DAY! Electoral College Votes Today, But The "Unhinged" Have More Up Their Sleeve D-DAY: The besieged Electoral College members are scheduled to vote today, making the election for the President of the United States official, amidst last minute pleas from progressive liberal like...
  14. MindWars

    Huston mom investigated after kicking 7 yr old son out of house over voting for Trump

    Per a 13 News Now report, a Houston, TX mother is under investigation after the video of her kicking her seven-year-old son out of the house for voting for Donald Trump in a mock election at his school went viral. Houston Mom Investigated After Kicking 7-Year-Old Son Out of House Over Voting for...
  15. CelloX

    The Kickstarter Solution to the Two Party System

    I am not sure if this could work, but I think it has potential for breaking down the wall preventing third party, independent, and small main party candidates from winning. Here is the idea: Make a website, preferably funded by Kickstarter (to fund the creation of the site and gain press)...
  16. CelloX

    Would you vote for a third party or independent if they could win?

    Throwing the lesser evil dilemma and lack of winning independent/third party candidates out the window for a second, would you even want to vote for someone outside of the reigning parties if they matched your views more?
  17. C

    Who'd you vote for?

    I want to hear who you voted for and why! Rant away! I'm a psychology and athropology major and I've created a survey about this crazy a$$ election. Don't worry, it's only two questions and completely anonymous. Please be as candid as possible- I WANT to hear your passionate reasoning. Thanks...
  18. American_Jihad

    Terry McAuliffe fulfills his mission of delivering the battleground state for Hillary.

    Criminalcrats - Birds of a feather... Virginia's Massive Voter Drive for Felons Terry McAuliffe fulfills his mission of delivering the battleground state for Hillary. April 26, 2016 Matthew Vadum To clear the way for fellow Democrat Hillary Clinton to capture the White House this year...
  19. American_Jihad

    20 Reasons to Vote for Trump

    I can think of a few myself... Ted Nugent’s 20 Reasons to Vote for Trump Go Viral… Liberals Horrified By: Kim Smith on March 31, 2016 ... While Nugent did not endorse any candidate, he said his list in favor of voting for “The Donald” was too special not to share. We think you’ll agree with...
  20. American_Jihad

    Turn Your Islamic Centers, Mosques into Registration Centers for Voters

    So Huma Abedin comes in handy after all... “Turn Your Islamic Centers, Mosques into Registration Centers for Voters" January 26, 2016 Daniel Greenfield The last time the Muslim Brotherhood got involved in an election, it ended with a tyranny, church burnings, terrorism, a civil war, mass...
  21. American_Jihad

    Only the Black Vote Can Save Hillary Clinton

    Black folks I know hate the @%&$ &*#@&... Only the Black Vote Can Save Hillary Clinton from Bernie Sanders January 13, 2016 Daniel Greenfield Last time around, the black vote took an insurgent left-wing candidacy and helped destroy Hillary Clinton's chances at the White House. The far left...
  22. J

    The Hispanic/Latino vote vs U.S. born Puerto Ricans and Blacks

    We are constantly led to believe by our Washington controlled big media that America’s Hispanic/Latino community and Blacks welcome illegal entrants from Mexico and Central America. But the fact is, U.S. born Puerto Ricans and Blacks are losing their jobs to illegal entrants from Mexico and...

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