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  1. TheProgressivePatriot

    The Catholic Church- Protecting Itself at the Expense of Sex Abuse Victims

    This is absolutely horrendous ! Truly sickening !The Catholic Church has surely lost its way. This is far worse than allowing the culture that leads to sexual abuse in the church to exist and thrive. Now they are trying to a modicum of justice is denied to the victims to protect themselves...
  2. John.smith09

    The Moment Trump Landed In Vegas, Every Reporter Noticed The Brand New Thing About Him

    Click Here To Read It > The Moment Trump Landed In Vegas, Every Reporter Noticed The Brand New Thing About Him - U.S. Daily News
  3. John.smith09

    Lady Gaga Says ‘Blood’ Will Be on Trump’s Hands

    After a spree-killing at a Las Vegas concert that claimed the lives of 59 people and injured over 525 more, Hollywood celebrities have lined up to swing around their undue influence about grave policy issues like Americans’ right to self-defense.. Read It Here : Lady Gaga Says ‘Blood’ Will Be...
  4. DigitalDrifter

    Hillary immediately plays politics with the Las Vegas disaster/tragedy

    Bodies not even cold yet, and the bitch goes after the NRA Twitter
  5. anotherlife

    The future of deeds of witches?

    Witches are usually in fairy tales, but there are plenty of practicing witches in real life too, sacrificing and killing various things. Ritual murder being a prominent crime statistic worldwide. It can be debated whether or not they move evil powers with the practice, but it is physically...
  6. depotoo

    New Disturbing Nazi Death Camp Find

    To think it was hidden all these years. I guess most didn't feel comfortable exploring the forest nearby, with the history there. And they used the camp to test making soap from their victims fat?? This just makes me want to vomit- Forest outside Nazi death camp yields disturbing find...

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