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  1. The Original Tree

    Joe Biden is a threat to National Security, Our Economy and Our Democracy.

    If you are not paying attention, the man who Obama has said has been wrong on every single position he has taken for his entire career continues to be wrong again and again and again. 1.) The Petro Dollar: Joe's botched relationship with Saudia Arabia is primarily due to his botched management...
  2. D

    Is the Azov Regiment an influential force in Ukraine?

    For some people, the Ukrainian Special Operations Detachment "Azov", which is also called “Azov Regiment” or “Azov Battalion”, is known only due to its insignia which are similar to the ones of the SS Division Das Reich of Nazi Germany (please see below).
  3. georgephillip

    Ukraine by Christmas

    What are your predictions for the Russian-Ukrainian war over the next 10 weeks? Will Azov retake Mariupol? Will Russia control Odessa (a long-time Russian city)? Will Zelensky be living in London or Miami? Maybe you think Ukraine will reclaim Crimea?:auiqs.jpg:
  4. D

    Was Ukraine a threat to Russia before start of Russian military operation?

    Ukrainian legislation provides that ethnic Russians are third-grade citizens in Ukraine – compared with first-grade ethnic Crimean Tatars or second-grade ethnic Hungarians and Romanians (see Aren't these Ukrainian laws the Nazi ones?). But at the same time, Ukrainian authorities demanded Russia...
  5. georgephillip

    Economic Interpretation of War in Ukraine.

    Charles Austin Beard (1874-1948) was once regarded as the most famous and influential economist in the US; beginning in 1913, Beard wrote about the power of money over politics and foreign policy. SEPTEMBER 23, 2022 Some Historical Background for an Economic Interpretation of the War in Ukraine...
  6. D

    The U.S. Congress’s attitude to Russia and Ukraine

    In December 2012 the U.S. Congress passed the so-called Magnitsky Act which was later signed into law by President Barack Obama (see here). This law had to punish certain Russian officials and was passed after Sergei Magnitsky, a Russian accountant of a private company, had died in a Moscow...
  7. M

    Ukrainian nationalists threaten to assassinate Zelensky

    Zelensky’s popularity has grown up recently. Ukrainian President and his inner circle make a figure for millions of people. World’s politicians are trying to cosplay Zelensky, world famous prints fight for his photo on the cover. His public image of the Saviour of Ukraine helps former...
  8. J

    Russian invasion of Ukraine showed all the problems of the democratic countries’ “unity”

    Since the first days of March EU and NATO have begun execution of their plan of global isolating Russia. Putin’s invasion to Ukraine was used as an excellent reason. This plan contained several actions which should have destroyed Russian economic and technological sectors and included strong...
  9. D

    Ukrainian death squads or why Ukrainians don’t criticize their government

    Since Ukrainian citizens are discriminated because of their ethnic origin - there is discrimination even on the level of laws in this country (see here) – it is obvious that there must be additional means of suppression in Ukraine, i.e. in addition to police, army, secret service etc. Such...
  10. D

    Why do the U.S. support Ukraine which has Nazi laws?

    In the middle of April, I published an article which dealt with the question whether some Ukrainian laws are the Nazi ones (see here). This article was discussed on USMB (see here) and nobody could disprove that these laws are the Nazi ones, indeed. It’s an obvious fact that, for example...
  11. Litwin

    Biden announces $33bn to help Ukraine in war

    as I predicted , this old man is an old cold war warrior who knows the drill , US/EU/Free world will simply crack up Moscow empire much like Ronald Reagan did to ussr in 80s ! President Biden is asking Congress for $33bn (ÂŁ27bn) in military, economic and humanitarian assistance to support...
  12. 4

    Was neutrality a possibility for ukraine

    in 2014 they voted to reject neutrality and aim for nato membership why didnt they follow austria do you think it was the russians hellbent on invading or the cia wanting to isolate russia from europe weaken it etc. could ukranians have avoided this war
  13. D

    Aren't these Ukrainian laws the Nazi ones?

    One of the main declared tasks of the Russian military operation in Ukraine is denazification of Ukraine. Therefore, it is important to answer the question – Is the present Ukraine a Nazi state? The main feature of Nazism is division of citizens according to their ethnic origin into categories...
  14. D

    Russia is winning

    If debating, I'd take the "Russia is winning" side of the debate in a who is winning a new cold war, Russia or the US; type of question. I want to try and condense a lot of concepts to explain why and then discuss them. Russia's bonds are trading at a premium which means they are in demand I...
  15. The Original Tree

    Does anyone have the feeling that The New World Order is about to create a False Flag in Ukraine?

    Just a thought that crossed my mind since The Biden Regime has multiple times mentioned chemical weapons and is calling Putin a War criminal. I don't like Putin, and completely understand that there is enough finger pointing to go around between Ukraine and Russia, and I am not Pro War. What I...
  16. KoolKolt

    Is this video from Russia or Ukraine?

    Wherever this is, it’s wrong.
  17. georgephillip

    Will Sanctions End the Dollar's Global Reserve Currency Status?

    Thwarting the anti-dollar coalition should be Washington's top national priority "The United States is currently waging economic warfare against one tenth of the world's countries with cumulative population of nearly 2 billion people and combined gross domestic product (GDP) of more than $15...
  18. Robert Urbanek

    Send balloons over Russia?

    As recently as 2020, South Korean activists were sending propaganda-carrying balloons across the border into North Korea. The balloons typically carried leaflets, USB sticks or DVDs with criticism of the Pyongyang regime, as well as South Korean news reports or even Korean dramas. Given Putin’s...
  19. KoolKolt

    Should America enforce a no-fly zone over Ukraine?

    Zelensky has asked the US, Canada, and the UK to enforce a no-fly zone over Ukraine. Do you think that would be a wise move or end up in WWIII?
  20. E

    A premium U.S. stamp to aid Ukraine

    Sold at a premium to benefit Ukrainian refugees (a "semi-postal"), at the "Forever" rate and plus, the design is a one-last-issue revival of the Overrun Countries series of World War II. The original series sold at a 66-percent premium (5 cents instead of 3 cents) as "V-mail" for correspondence...
  21. Litwin

    Mythbusters Ukraine 🇺🇦 - Moscow Military Is Not First Grade Power Anymore || 2022

    MYTHBUSTERS UKRAINE - Moscow MILITARY IS NOT FIRST GRADE POWER ANYMORE || 2022 Well let’s put this in perspective. Moscow has lost four times the amount KIA in 10 days in Ukraine than America lost in Afghanistan in 20 years
  22. SavannahMann

    Russia now claims Sanctions are a declaration of War!

    While some may claim the Sanctions are ineffective. They seem to be having a serious effect. Today Putin said that the implementation of Sanctions is a declaration of war. His stated goal now...
  23. Billy_Bob

    CDZ Putin's Strategy Should Invoke NATO Article 5

    Putin's attack on the nuclear plant should worry everyone on earth. Let's play this strategy out... Putin makes most of Europe uninhabitable with radiation. IE; Chernobyl X 6. Putin then takes possession of the land that these people flee from. No fighting involved. BAM RUISSA is again the...
  24. J

    When will they start telling the truth?

    In recent days, against a backdrop of military actions, the situation in Ukraine, especially in Odessa, Mariupol and Kyiv, escalated. Nationalist units use civilians as a human shield - they set up firing points in schools, kindergartens, hospitals. They close cities, set up sniper positions on...
  25. Gabe Lackmann

    Day 2 Ukraine Ready To Cut A Deal

    Zelensky agreed to talks with Kremlin, venue being discussed – Kiev Ukrainian officials are already discussing terms of potential negotiations with Russia, Kiev claimed Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is ready to start negotiating a ceasefire with Russia, his spokesperson has said...
  26. Robert Urbanek

    What would Oksana say?

    You would have thought that, during the Winter Olympics, somebody in the press would have tracked down Oksana Baiul to ask her opinion regarding the Russian pressure on Ukraine. The Ukrainian figure skating diva won the gold medal in ladies’ singles at the 1994 Winter Olympics. Sure, Baiul is...
  27. The Original Tree

    Why Biden and his Administration are too Stupid to see what Putin is doing

    People on the Left are exactly what The Soviet Union described as useful idiots. One prime example is their colossal failure in Afghanistan, their idiotic approach to dealing with Russian Ally and The Biggest State Sponsor of Terror, Iran, their bumbling idiotic approach to Crimea which was a...
  28. Litwin

    Americans, Other Foreign Fighters Join Ukrainian Citizens in Preparation for War, Western Democratic Civilization against Asiatic Despotic Barbarism

    DISPATCH: Americans, Other Foreign Fighters Join Ukrainian Citizens in Preparation for War, Western Democratic Civilization against Asiatic Despotic Barbarism Much respect to all the Ukrainian civilian patriots who are stepping up to defend themselves and their freedom. Long live...
  29. Litwin

    Top hardline Moscow general warns Putin NOT to invade Ukraine and accuses him of a 'criminal policy of provoking a war' in rare outbreak of internal " A top retired Moscow general has...
  30. Litwin

    War Continues! Czech Republic To Supply Ukraine With More Weapons, death to The Golden Horde !

    War Continues! Czech Republic To Supply Ukraine With More Weapons, death to The Golden Horde ! War Continues, Czech Republic To Supply Ukraine With More Weapons. The Czech Republic is historically, politically and in terms of alliances on Ukraine’s side. If Ukraine needs help, we will do our...

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