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    LOLOLOL Who's Paying for the wall?

    LOLOLOL, Don't you just love all of these clueless trump racists who answered this POS Fake president rants of "Who's paying for this wall?" and all of his racist followers chants "Mexico" in unison. Remember that during his 2016 run? NOW just last week and this week this POS goes on another one...
  2. deanrd

    Trump admitted mission to "discredit" press so public wouldn't believe negative stories. It works!

    Lesley Stahl says Donald Trump admitted attacking press to "discredit" media coverage of "negative stories" - CBS News CBS "60 Minutes" correspondent Lesley Stahl has revealed a candid remark made to her by then-presidential candidate Donald Trump in 2016. Stahl told a group of fellow...
  3. Astrostar

    Trump Trump Lies, scoreboard

    According to the Washington Post, a conservative rag, Trump has made "false or misleading" claims one thousand and eighteen times through October 9th. He added to this bigly at yesterdays speech with McConnell. He should do three things immediately: Apologize to the American people...
  4. Astrostar

    Trump Trump dictated son's misleading statement on Russian Meeting

    According to the Washington Post, a Republican leaning news media, Trump wrote son's statement. According to Trump and son, Trump knew nothing about the meeting. Then how did he know enough to dictate the son's statement? If it ain't one lie from Trump & Company, it's another. Well, you can...
  5. MrFritz

    Trump the Liar

    PolitiFact: 173 of Trump's statements were mostly false during ... Worse than Trump's lying are his supporters who know he's a liar but continue to pretend he isn't the biggest to every run for and be selected POTUS.
  6. MrFritz

    Three More Trump Lies From The Last Debate

    Trump LIED and said he did not apologize to his wife, Melania During the debate, Trump claimed the allegations of assault against him are so absurd and false that he did not even bother apologizing to his wife. But this conflicts with what Melania told Anderson Cooper, where she said that her...
  7. MrFritz

    Trump's Lies Regarding Women

    Based on fact checkingTrump lies more than any politician in history. Trump has told many many lies regarding women. Here are 7 Trump LIES regarding women. This is most likely just the tip of the iceberg. Donald Trump: “I’ve always been good to women.” [CNN’s New Day, 8/12/15] Donald Trump...
  8. MrFritz

    The Trump Lie Thread

    Trump has been caught in hundreds of lies so far making him the biggest liar in the history of politics. One fact checking source has caught Trump in 366 lies Let's use this thread to expose Trump's lies one by one. Ignore the alt-Right false Christians trolls and go to the TRUMP LIES SITE and...
  9. MrFritz

    Some Questions For "Christian" Trump Supporters

    What do you so called Christians think about the fact Trump promotes gambling and strip clubs? Do you think Jesus would approve of his gambling houses and strip clubs? Since most so called Christians never actually opened the Bible I'm posting some scripture. But I tell you that anyone who...
  10. MrFritz

    Trump's Tower Of Lies

    Some people don't care about the truth. We call them Trump supporters or false conservatives aka CONS. Politicians lie and that is a given. Politicians make false statements that may or may not be lies but when Trump makes false statements and his false statements are lies. Att CONS: a lie is...

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