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social security

  1. J

    Democrat Leadership: no vax, no Social Security check, no healthcare, no freaken benefits...period

    See: Dems Block Bill to Protect Vax Holdouts from Losing Social Security, Gov’t Benefits October 20, 2021 ““Democrats today said they are willing to revoke your social security checks, take away health care for the poor, elderly and vulnerable children, kick folks out of their homes and deny...
  2. S

    Social Security funding

    Social Security funding: I'm a proponent of a federal sales tax. That sales tax rate should be set to fund at least half of federal net expenditures due to our Social Security retirement program and the payroll taxes paid equally by employers and employees should be reduced to be no more than...
  3. Ringel05

    New Phishing Calls

    This one is aimed at Amazon users. You get a recorded message that tells you of a large purchase on your Amazon account and to click 1 or call back on a non 800 type number to talk to a representative. This is NOT Amazon, they want your account information which may include any saved payment...
  4. Old Man Grumbles

    So They Want to Fix Wealth Inequality

    The country could take a major step toward reducing wealth inequality, not by raising taxes but by letting workers save the taxes they are already paying. Yet Democrats have long opposed this option. Listening to the Democratic presidential candidates, you don’t have to wait very long before...
  5. R

    Around in circles. Is there really any "affordable" personal plans for disabled or self-employed??

    I have been around in circles and I've read so much contradictory information, I don't even know what is right or wrong anymore. It seems like the past 3 years, reality has changed on the fly. I used to be self employed. I paid $200-$250 a months for decent BCBS insurance back in the 1000s...
  6. J

    Single book explains how the world works

    Hi all, I came across a book titled "On the Principles of Social Gravity" by an author named Tobore Tobore and its the most important book i ever read. The author explains that all human system (systems created by humans e.g. family, Obamacare, military, nation-state etc are governed by nine...
  7. P@triot

    We tried to warn them - they never listen

    Progressives loathe balance of power. We tried to warn them that they would regret it once Republicans were in control again. That didn't take long to happen. “Any attempt by Republicans to have a series of rushed, truncated hearings before Inauguration Day and before the Congress and public...
  8. J

    Fed Policy And The Great Trust Robbery

    Ben Bernanke is selling the concept of negative interest rate policies. This is going to kill Social Security and the elderly who depend upon fixed incomes. It is a subject that no one is talking about, so feel free. This is my article which basically says that the Fed's policy has lowered...
  9. P@triot

    Social Security faces a $32 trillion shortfall

    Every single time. Literally....every.....single....time. Throughout history, conservatives have done their homework, used sound data for projections, and accurately predicted exactly what would happen. And every time, Dumbocrats were too hungry for power to care. Conservatives vehemently...
  10. Ridgerunner

    Don't worry the Democrats don't want to take away Guns from anyone...

    Every since I started arguing with these anti-gun Democrats they have always said we don't want your guns we just want bla bla bla... I am calling BULLSHIT right now... A legal team already fighting the Veterans Administration over bureaucratic procedures that arbitrarily deprive veterans of...
  11. P@triot

    IRS: "It's not our job to help stop fraud"

    When you see stuff like this, you can't help but laugh at the pro-big government liberal crowd. The waste, fraud, and abuse is never ending. And even when they are aware of the situation, the incredibly lazy people in the federal government just declare "it's not my job". The agency’s...
  12. J

    Bernie Sanders Commander Brain Dead

    It isn't just Sanders, but government as a whole is virtually incompetent. Sanders is just the parody player. Sanders claims that he wants to help the low-income seniors by expanding Social Security. First, you find out that his understanding of low-income is flawed, but now we are finding...
  13. J

    What Is The Social Security Trust Fund?

    I published a piece on the Social Security Trust Fund on independent voter news which looks at the Social Security Trust Fund. Most of the discussion related to the Social Security Trust Fund falls into two categories. One says that is a space efficient version of Ft. Knox. The other says that...
  14. J

    The Myth Of The Raid On Social Security

    I have always doubted the claim - in large part because so many politicians claim that it is true. I pulled out the cashflows, and found not surprisingly that Social Security is a net subsidize rather than a subsidizer of the government. Once you factor out the cost of benefits for seniors and...

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