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  1. Marion Morrison

    Marion Predicts Tomorrow's News

    That's right! :coffee: And in the headlines tomorrow: "Outraged Protestors Demand Mueller Report, Nationwide Protests Rage!" How do I know this you ask? Because the leftist MSM will hype this crap. Lovely huh? "People everywhere are angry and protesting" Throwing a tantrum is more like...
  2. Marion Morrison

    Something to consider about this social media stuff..

    " Sherman Antitrust Act The last third of the 19th century witnessed the development of business conglomerates or trusts. Many people believed that this new form of business organization stifled competition and led to manipulation of prices. State governments, mostly in the West and South...
  3. T

    Perverse Reverse Racism?

    This music video was released yesterday and came across my feed. Video depicts a black Rapper with what appear to be white slaves, butlers and maids in the background while he "sings" about how he is "the man." There is even a scene of him preaching to a group of these slaves. Thoughts?
  4. American_Jihad

    A teacher read a transgender book to kindergartners WTF

    I know you'll move this to education, if you do merge it with Public Schools & Teachers WTF... Now I will put on my alt/left hat and post, I'll tell you why later... A teacher read a transgender book to kindergartners, and some parents are outraged BY DIANA LAMBERT AUGUST 25, 2017 4:25 Pm...
  5. American_Jihad

    Badly Used Social Justice Colleges For Sale

    Need a conservative to go in there and clean it out, hire conservative professors and expel all troublemakers. Let them burn them down and will buy/fix them are way... EVERGREEN STATE: ONE BADLY USED SOCIAL JUSTICE COLLEGE FOR SALE June 5, 2017 Daniel Greenfield Evergreen State College is...

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