1. midcan5

    'The Constitutional Flaw That's Killing American Democracy'

    The damage the Trump administration did to American freedoms and democracy is difficult to measure. For most of us the damage is irrelevant - to our personal lives - but for others, personal freedom and even our environment, it is a tragedy. "The recent set of watershed Supreme Court opinions...
  2. midcan5

    'The Strange Case Of Justice Alito'

    We have a SCOTUS full of perjurers today, I will be tactful and not mention Thomas and Kavanaugh's misdeeds. So then how did America get a court of fools. Partly it was Trump, elect a dishonest person and you get dishonest choices. But oddly Alito told the truth and they still confirmed him...
  3. Chuz Life

    Rachel Maddow Predicts 'Fetal Personhood' SCOTUS Case Will End Abortion Nationwide.

    "An alarmed Rachel Maddow is convinced Republicans will now angle to bring a “fetal personhood” case before the Supreme Court in a bid to totally shut down abortion nationwide." link; Rachel Maddow Predicts 'Fetal Personhood' SCOTUS Case Will End Abortion Nationwide Now, where have I heard...
  4. midcan5

    'Judicial Philosophy'

    This is well said and brilliant. 'Sen. Whitehouse Speaks on Day 3 of Supreme Court Confirmation Hearings for Ketanji Brown Jackson' A conservative (dark money) SCOTUS is simply the legislative branch of the oligarchs, the corporatist, and the powerful over the working class. 'Injustices...
  5. Chuz Life

    POLL: One Big Reason That Trump Was Elected

    This is a simple poll to make a relevant political point. In the 2016 Presidential Election, one of the primary reasons that Trump voters voted for Trump over Hillary was to DENY Hillary the chance to nominate any Supreme Court justices. Trump won the election. It would be a betrayal of HIS...
  6. Chuz Life

    All eyes on Roberts ahead of Supreme Court's abortion ruling

    All eyes on Roberts ahead of Supreme Court's abortion ruling BY JOHN KRUZEL - 06/21/20 06:00 PM EDT 14,769 12,485 Chief Justice John Roberts is under the microscope as the Supreme Court prepares to issue its first major ruling on abortion rights in the Trump era, which will give the clearest...
  7. KokomoJojo

    A Successful Coup, Politicians & The Just-US Club Abolished '[U]nalienable' Rights.

    Below you will find the founders vision and design for this country: Now compare that to todays 'very' sad reality. The 'spirit' of the law is dead and long gone! Today, the founders government has been...
  8. TheProgressivePatriot

    Trump Smacked Down by SCOTUS Bigtime on LGBT Rights Issue

    It's a great day LGBT people who no longer have to fear discrimination in theworkplace Supreme Court Says LGBTQ Employees Are Protected By...
  9. midcan5

    CDZ SCOTUS Injustice

    If there is a hell it will be full of Supreme Court justices. Or is that corporate justices? 'Supreme Inequality' Makes A Case That The Top U.S. Court Has Widened The Wealth Gap 'The Supreme Court's Fifty-Year Battle for a More Unjust America' by Adam Cohen 'Injustices: The Supreme Court's...
  10. TheProgressivePatriot

    Justices Alito and Kavanaugh Meet With Leader Of Anti-Gay Christian Hate Group

    While all Justices and Judges, indeed all people have their biases, this strikes me as different and disturbing. Justices will typically make an honest attempt to balance their ideology with a sound application of the law and the constitution, even when that ideology shapes their perception and...
  11. midcan5

    Hate / Evil

    "If hate could be turned into electricity, it would light up the whole world." Nikola Tesla "Between 5,000 and 7,000 hate crime incidents are reported each year to the FBI." AP "Evil when we are in its power is not felt as evil, but as necessity." Simone Weil Does hate create evil, does...
  12. P@triot

    Supreme Court Watch

    A great victory for the 5th Amendment. Thank God President Trump was elected and able to appoint two Supreme Court Justices thus far. Let’s hope he’s able to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg. My Faith Votes | SCOTUS Watch | June 28, 2019
  13. TheProgressivePatriot

    Religious Right Wing Bigots Still Obsessing About Marriage-Get a Life!

    I really have to wonder about people who devote their so called lives to trying to deny others what they can take for granted- Specifically marriage. Meet Brian Brown of the National Organization for (Straight ) Marriage who is obsessing about Mayor Pete Buttigieg and who thinks that he can...
  14. AsianTrumpSupporter

    Pres. Trump scores another major victory; SCOTUS grants TRO of Frisco court order re: DACA

    Supreme Court lifts orders to disclose DACA cancellation records A sharply divided Supreme Court on Friday lifted orders the Trump administration was facing to turn over more records detailing the decision to terminate the Obama-era program that offers quasi-legal status and work permits to...
  15. Weatherman2020

    SCOTUS Lifts Injunction Against Most of Travel Ban.

    Common sense. Live Coverage from CBS News
  16. Auld Phart

    Trump SCOTUS picks down to 3

    "Pryor, 54, is an Alabama-based judge on the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. Gorsuch, 49, is on the Denver-based 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. Hardiman, 51, is based in Pittsburgh for the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. All three were nominated by President George W. Bush for their...
  17. Y

    Is now a good time for the GOP to change Senate rules?

    Nothing in the US Constitution mentions supermajority requirements except for (1) the passage of new Amendments and (2) impeachment of the POTUS. And the history of the evolution of the filibuster rule in the Senate evolved from 1892 when the SCOTUS ruled that the Senate may therefore change...
  18. Chuz Life

    CDZ Why President Trump will have no 'Choice' but to ban Abortion.

    First of all, let's be clear. It is understood that the President alone does not have the power nor the authority to "ban abortion" on their own. Please don't read too far into the title of this thread. That said, on inauguration day, January 20, 2017 - When President Elect Donald Trump is...
  19. woz75

    Trump to Nominate Chris Christie to Supreme Food Court

    I thought the "Grand Old Party Sub" detested "big government"?? President-Elect Donald J. Trump has reportedly assured NJ Governor Chris Christie that, despite recent reports, he has not been banished from his inner circle, and will nominate the Bridgegate behemoth to the Supreme Food Court...
  20. OldLady

    Republicans Plan to Obstruct the Constitution -- Again

    WASHINGTON — Sen. John McCain pledged Monday that Republicans will unite against any Supreme Court nominee that Hillary Clinton puts forward if she becomes president, forecasting obstruction that could tie Capitol Hill in knots. However an aide later clarified that McCain, R-Ariz., will examine...
  21. Peony

    Little Sisters Fight Obamacare

    On March 23, 2016, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments on Zubick v Burwell. This case has several plaintiffs. The issue is the HHS mandate which forces employers to provide health insurance to their employees that includes contraceptives. For those employers with a religious objection to...
  22. Agit8r

    Obama needs to return to the soaring rhetoric

    Shouldn't be necessary for something as routine as a judicial appointment, but hey... Bucket!
  23. Weatherman2020

    No Gay Marriage on Tribal Lands

    Homosexual marriage is not legal in Indian reservations. News from The Associated Press
  24. midcan5

    Religious Children

    The religious will disagree but consider only the judgments made almost daily by the religious about others who do not share their view of life? Judge not lest .... sounds nice but since religions possess what they they believe is the word of god, all actions are possible. The golden rule is...

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